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What a great first month! We have heard from Bills fans all over the country, either sharing comments/thoughts about the Bills or just thanking us for the show. Thanks for listening, and thanks for letting us know what you think! That’s great!

We did not start this as a money-making enterprise, but we could not have known that we would exceed our bandwidth limits in the FIRST MONTH!!! Wow!! You may have noticed that the audio is not available yet today. We are in the process of transferring the files to another host that gives us more bandwidth (unlimited, actually) … but… it costs more.

So, we have put up a little Donation button where you can support the show if you are able and willing. No pressure. No huge bucks needed. If you can donate $1, or $5 or $10… we’re not hoping to get rich here… it’s just costing us more than we anticipated, and if you would like to help, now you can! 🙂

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Greg Campbell for the Buffalo Bills Review


Bills Review Guys on the RaiderCast

Last night we were on the RaiderCast with host Dave. Made some predictions, talked about some players who might have an impact, and Uncle Josh talked enough smack that he is now in the witness protection program, and will no longer be on the Bills Review.

(just kidding) 🙂

So check it out at the link below:

Dave will be on our show this week. Looking forward to the post game coverage with RaiderFan.


BBR and the RaiderCast

This week we were invited to join the guys at The Raider Cast on their show (which can also be found at iTunes), and in turn they will be sitting in for the game review section on next week’s Bills Review! Should be fun getting a different perspective on the game this weekend.

So jump on over and check out their show. We’re recording tonight, so could be up tomorrow, I am guessing.

Don’t forget to get your questions in for Darryl Talley. We’ll be interviewing him on Monday night as well. E-mail us your comments or questions for Darryl at


Uncle Josh with Anthony Munoz

This past week, Josh got to spend a little time with Bengals’ Hall of Famer, Anthony Muñoz! Josh was in charge of a special day of events celebrating Hispanic Month (Sep 15-Oct 15) and they invited Muñoz to be part of the festivities. Josh said they talked about the Bills, and specifically Jim McNally, the Bills O-Line coach (who was Muñoz’ coach with the Bengals for his entire 13 year career). Muñoz had plenty of great stuff to say, and hopefully Josh will be able to share some of that on a future show!


We Made The Cover of Sports Illustrated!

Ok, so I might be getting ahead of myself, and a little over excited, but you really could say that we are “featured” this week in Sports Illustrated!

In an article on sports podcasts in this week’s SI, the Buffalo Bills Review is highlighted as one of four shows worth listening to, according to SI writer David Sabino! Who knew SI was listening to the Review!? Cool stuff!

This is what Sabino had to say about our show:

Buffalo Bills Review This hour long show features interplay among three diehard Bills fans and sounds like a conversation you’d overhear — and want to join — while eating wings at the Anchor Bar. Great analysis.


So, check it out at your local news stand, or you can read the article online (if you’re a subscriber). The part that mentions our show is at the bottom of the article you will see on that page (you won’t see the part about us unless you subscribe.)

Just wanted to pass along that unexpected and exciting news from today! We’re in Sports Illustrated! Not only “in”… they recommend our show! Good stuff.

This is definitely an audience participation show, so please do jump in by commenting here on the website, or check out the forums and start up some conversations there. Or, call the comment line – (716) 989-4180 – or send us an e-mail. All sorts of ways to be part!

Thanks for listening, and thanks SI for the compliment! 🙂