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Another Chicken Wing Wager

Buffalo chicken wingsHello everyone. As mentioned on our show, John and I discussed wager possibilities and we settled on the following:

  • If the Bills lose by THREE TOUCHDOWNS (21 pts) or more to the Pats on Sunday 11/9, then Greg buys John wings.
  • If the Bills DO NOT lose by 21 pts or more, John buys Greg wings.

(21 pts?? Really???)

John’s prediction was that the Pats would actually win by 27 (37-10) so, 21 will be easy. (Ha!)

My point (Greg) is that we have no business suiting up for any of our remaining games in 2008 if we lose a game that we absolutely MUST win, against a team with at least as many injuries as we have, and who the Bills are at least as good as…. if we lose that game by TWENTY ONE POINTS???? That would be a disgrace.

So, I’d bet on me collecting some chicken wings on another silly, pessimistic prediction involving our Buffalo Bills. 🙂

Go Bills! Score me some wings! 🙂

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We Have A Winner!

Greg's Chicken Wings!Along with the Buffalo Bills first win comes a greatly anticipated secondary win — Greg gets his chicken wings!!!

That’s right! Buffalo avoids going 0-5 (though Dave was dangerously close in his prediction!!) and Greg will be getting a bucket of medium wings from Duffs!

Also, the PUNT Foundation will be receiving $150 from this little wager. Dave and D. Mahlitz ponied up $50 each, saying the Bills would go 0-5. John said on the show that even though he took the side of at least one win, he would still make the donation. Great idea!

We created a page where BBR listeners can donate to Brian’s foundation. You can even start your own fund raising page! If you’d like to make a donation, click this link:

Thanks for playing along! Go Bills!

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Drake’s Winless Challenge

Bucket of Chicken WingsAs you have heard on the show, Dave has made the outrageous claim that the Bills will start the season 0-5. Well, I challenged him to put his money where his mouth is. I bet him an order of chicken wings that the Bills would win at least ONE of their first five games. Later we upped it to a bucket. Bills win once in five games, Dave buys me chicken wings. They go 0-5, I buy Dave chicken wings.

Well, this week listener Joab called Dave out on the hotline, saying he’d like to get in on that 0-5 bet somehow, and Dave came up with a brilliant way to have some fun, and support a good cause, too!

Here’s what we’re going to do:

  • First, figure out if you can afford to wager a $50 donation to the P.U.N.T. Foundation. Please only play if you are willing to actually donate.
  • Then, decide which way you think the Bills record will go. 0-5, or anything else.
  • Click on the appropriate link below to email in your selection. If you choose 0-5, you are siding with Dave, If you think the Bills win at least one game, you are siding with Greg.

  • If you side with Dave and you win, Greg buys chicken wings for Dave, and you keep your $50. Those who side with Greg donate their $50 to the PUNT Foundation.
  • If you side with Dave and you LOSE, Dave buys Greg chicken wings, Dave also donates $50 to Brian Moorman’s PUNT Foundation, and you donate your $50 to the PUNT Foundation.

Get it? If you have questions, just e-mail us.

This is a great way to have some fun with Drake’s outrageous prediction, and to benefit a great cause, and some people who could really use the benefits the PUNT Foundation and Brian Moorman provide.

Good luck!


  • with GREG (Bills win at least one game)
    1. A. Critchell
    2. J. Dupra
    3. S. Heidmann
    4. J. Somerville
    5. A. Montes
  • with DAVE (Bills go 0-5 to start the season)
    1. D. Mahlitz

[maximum donation: $250!]

Keep it coming, guys!