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BBR on Facebook

Hey folks. Quick note here to remind you that there is a BBR group on Facebook, and every once in a while (recently, at least) I have been trying to post pertinent links and info there. There’s a discussion board, and some other fun stuff there. So I just wanted to encourage your participation there if you are Facebook-inclined. 🙂

Here’s the link:

Come get interactive today!

Geeky Stuff Website Updates

Technical Difficulties

I just thought I would post a note here that we are experiencing hopefully TEMPORARY technical difficulties here. Apparently, the entire audio catalog of the Buffalo Bills Review has been deleted. This week’s show is up, and ready to download, but I am in the process of re-uploading the previous three shows, and hopefully restoring the full directory ASAP. Yikes. I was told that this hosting company just instantly deletes suspect directories containing only audio files! What??!?

Sorry for the inconvenience. The archives should be fully restored shortly.

-The Management.

Geeky Stuff Website Updates

Enhance Your BBR Experience!

At Dave’s request, we have made the Buffalo Bills Review into a full multimedia experience! Now you have your choice of streaming an MP3 version of our show, or downloading that same MP3 version – OR, get the Buffalo Bills Review in AAC format, complete with photos, graphics and links to everything we’re talking about! If you’re listening to the show in iTunes, you can follow along in a much more media rich way!

To get the new AAC version of the show, just click on the AAC link at the top of each podcast entry on the main page. Right-click to download, or left click to play in the browser. Eventually the feeds will be different, so you can get either the MP3 or the enhanced AAC version. Your choice.

Let us know what you think about the new and improved BBR!