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New BBR T-Shirts!

Pink BBR Shirts!Yes folks, they are finally here! You can order your very own Buffalo Bills Review T-shirts. Printed when you order in Geneseo, NY by LPTees. They do quality work for a decent price.


We have a few options for these t-shirts. You can purchase either the design with the larger full-color logo on the front (the samples we were sent are missing the white outline, but you will get the correct version), or you can select the smaller, 2-color logo on the pocket. The back is the same on both shirts. (Pictured on the Navy photo to the right.) The other option you then have is the color. You can choose pink (I believe it’s Azalea, actually) or Navy Blue.

Shirts are also avilable in multiple sizes. Youth small, medium and large. Adult small, medium, large and extra large. (Bigger sizes are also available, please click on the “additional charges” button, and add one charge (it’s just a dollar) per larger shirt ordered.)

Navy Blue BBR Shirts!Shipping is also an issue, with BBR listeners being distributed around the globe. We will include four options below. Two domestic (US) and two international rates. Please choose the correct one and add it to your cart. This is the best (easiest) way to do this with the PayPal shopping cart.

If you do not have PayPal, don’t worry. PayPal allows you to process your orde using a credit or debit card. And it can accept all sorts of currencies. Another plus. It’s the best way to make transactions online!

If you have any questions about the shirts, please do contact us. We’ll answer best we can.

Thanks for helping us out with your purchase, and by wearing the shirt around town! Spread the word and let every Bills fan know about the show by Bills fans, for Bills fans!

The Buffalo Bills Review!