An Ode To Brian Moorman

Hey remember me?

Well Bills fans I’m back and I’m stepping up my role with the BBR this year. So what does that mean? Well that’s an excellent question I myself would like an answer to. I actually wrote a really long and in depth article about the Bills draft, my thoughts, where I thought the team could go this year, etc. Then before I published it I looked around and noticed that everything I wrote was already said/written by everybody else. Coming to the realization that I had nothing new or interesting to say, I stayed quiet, honoring the ancient Chinese proverb, “Everybody already thinks you’re stupid, shut up stupid.”

Still trying to find my role on this BBR team overflowing with analytical talent, I’m going to try to fit in where and when we’re thin, sometimes that means filling in as a co-host, sometimes that means writing articles, sometimes it means getting coffee, and sometimes showing the supermodels who visit around the studio (which we don’t have…yet. Note to self: remember to ask Greg to build a studio and invite supermodels).

As some of you might know, the guys are planning an upcoming interview with my favorite player Brian Moorman, and as my favorite player I have a very important role in that show, which is nothing. So, not wanting to be left out I’ve done some investigating on the pro-bowl punter and complied some fun facts that the guys can use in their interview, and at the same time start my Brian Moorman for President… Of the Universe! Campaign.

(Me + Moorman jersey + Bills cheerleaders = Best. Picture. Ever.)

One time Brian Moorman was walking down the street and a bully tried to pick on him. Brian gave him a warning, but the kid didn’t back down. Having no other choice, Brian removed the kid’s braces… with his foot.

Brian Moorman gave J.K. Rowling the idea for Harry Potter, suggesting it was better than her original idea, which was a low fat cook book.

Brian Moorman single handedly won the Cold War for the U.S. When the Soviets launched a secret spy satellite that would have given them the information that would have won the war, Brian Moorman, sensing his country was in danger, went out into his backyard and punted a ball into space that destroyed the satellite. When the Soviets found out that the Americans had such a man, they called it quits right away, which was a good move if you ask me. The act earned Moorman The Congressional Medal of Awesome.

Although this is unconfirmed, it is rumored that Air Bud is actually Brian Moorman’s dog.

(This is my mom’s dog doing an impression of Brian Moorman on game day)

One time Dick Jauron told Brian Moorman what to do… just kidding.

The real reason David Beckham came to America was to be closer to Brian Moorman. Even though he’s on the other side of the country, he knew that L.A. was closer than England. He tried to come to Buffalo, but was unsuccessful since Buffalo doesn’t have a soccer team, and that’s because nobody in Buffalo really knows what soccer is.

Superman has a Brian Moorman poster on his wall.

One time Brian Moorman was held up in a bank robbery. When instructed to get on the floor like the rest of the hostages, Brian Moorman just laughed and showed the robbers his number 8 jersey. They got scared and ran out of the bank. The mayor was so impressed that he gave Brian Moorman all the money that would have been robbed from the bank and he in turn gave it to charity, his own charity. Brian Moorman has no need for money; the fact that he is the highest paid punter in the NFL is simply a statement of dominance.

Brian Moorman was walking down a road one night when he came to a bridge. Before he could cross the bridge a giant troll appeared, and said, “In order to cross this bridge you must answer correctly these three questions.” Brian agreed and the troll began to ask the first question. Before he even finished the question Brian Moorman kicked the troll’s head clean off. Stupid troll.

It turns out the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs was actually “The Lost Punt of Brian Moorman.” During a game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Brian Moorman punted a ball so high it appeared lost forever. The truth is the ball traveled so high it went back in time and hit the earth with such ferocity that it caused the extinction of entire races of giant lizards and plunged the Earth into an ice age.

Santa Clause asks Brian Moorman for Christmas presents.

The Transformers play with Brian Moorman action figures.

Christopher Columbus said he discovered the new world because, “Brian Moorman told me to.”

So you can see, Brian Moorman has been with us throughout history. Who do you think told Michelangelo to paint the Sistine Chapel? As a thank you, he put Brian Moorman in the picture. I know you might not have noticed this before, but take a closer look (click image to enlarge).

(Who does the guy on the left look like?)

Brian Moorman is an inspiration to us all. He is the reason we don’t throw a brick through our TV when the Bills mess up on 3rd down, he’s the reason a child laughs, he’s the reason George Washington crossed the Delaware and he’s the reason the Bills are going to have a better season than the Lions and win me $20, take that Doug! It’s good to be back, go Bills!

-The John


Zero Days

Zero DaysDo you know how long I have been waiting for my countdown calendar widget to show me this??? —->

Buffalo Bills football IS BACK!!

Whoohooo!!! Reports from camp coming soon!

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Great Pre-Camp Articles from Chris Brown

The Buffalo Bills website has featured a 20-day countdown to Bills Training Camp with the top 20 questions facing the Bills as they prepare for the 2007 season. As always, the articles have been fantastic. I thought it would be of interest to you as a listener of the Buffalo Bills Review to have the complete list (with links) available here in one place! So, click below to read and prepare for the 2007 Buffalo Bills season!!! Training camps starts JULY 26th!!! WHOOOHOOO!!!!


#1: Will The Bills Make The Playoffs?
#2: Will J.P. Losman Become An Elite Quarterback?
#3: Will The Run Defense Be Better?
#4: Who Will Make The Greatest Impact As A Rookie?
#5: Will Peters Make The Pro Bowl?
#6: Who Will Be The Right Cornerback?
#7: Who Will Pull Attention Off Of Lee Evans?
#8: Will The Pass Protection Be Better?
#9: Will There Be A Featured Running Back?
#10: Who Are The Training Camp Sleepers?
#11: Who Will Start At H-Back?
#12: Can Moorman Net 40?
#13: Who Starts At Middle Linebacker?
#14: Will Special Teams Reclaim NFL Top Spot?
#15: How Much Will Whitner & Simpson Improve?
#16: Who Will Start At Right Guard?
#17: Who Leads On Defense?
#18: Will Kevin Everett Contribute More?
#19: Who Will Be The Backup Quarterback?
#20: Can McGee Be An Anchor In The Secondary?


Two Days

Bills Fans
Are you ready for some football??? Man, we are!!! I can’t believe it, but by the time you are reading this, there are only TWO DAYS until the Bills start training camp! TWO DAYS!!! We’ll be heading out to see them practice on Friday with the Drake family (Dave of Buffalo Bills Review fame) and perhaps another friend or two.

There is always reason for optimism this early in the season, but have a look at some stuff on my Buffalo Bills site at some of the actual reasons for optimism. I might write one more article this week as the beginning of the season approaches, but for now there’s plenty of good stuff up there.

We’ll be starting up our show again if not this weekend, next weekend. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I encourage you too. We’re have some new segments planned, a new host or two, and we’ll hopefully be working in many interviews throughout the season.

Fun stuff! Football is almost here!!! WHOOHOO!!!!!


Positional Breakdown: Cornerback

Probably one of the biggest question marks for the 2007 Buffalo Bills is Cornerback. The departure of solid but over-hyped starter Nate Clements to free agency with no obvious replacement has the national media saying less than positive things about the Bills chances in the coming season. Things may or may not be as bad as it seems, but one thing is for certain, the Bills are depending on young inexperienced players to step up into the void.

Nate Clements was certainly the anchor of this position in the past, but how much of an impact player was he really? The truth is, Nate looked a lot better before Buffalo implemented the Tampa Two defense. Nate is a cover corner, he is really good an keeping tight coverage on a single receiver. Even the best receivers in the league struggled against Nate in his time in Buffalo. The result is that opposing teams’ number one receivers generally had quiet days against Buffalo and Nate Clements when, and only when, Buffalo used a man coverage scheme. In other words, when you tell Nate Clements, “see that guy over there, he’s their best receiver, cover him all day.” he does a good job. However, when you play more of a zone type scheme that requires that the cornerback be reactive and read the field, Nate’s play slips off real quick. Nate is not very good at reading an offense and reacting to the play. This was very obvious in the first part of 2006 where Buffalo attempted to run their intended defensive schemes. Nate got eaten alive. Then around the time of the BYE week, Perry Fewell asked Nate to just shadow the best receiver on the other team and forget the scheme. It worked out ok, but thats not the defense the Bills are building. Nate just didn’t fit. All that aside, Nate Clements was tied with a bunch of players for 33rd in the league in interceptions last season. Think that was an off-season for Nate? Think again. Nate Clements has a total of 23 Interceptions in 6 years in the league. The most he has ever had in one season was 6 (which he achieved in 2002 and 2004). 6 Interceptions would have landed Nate 7th in the league in 2006 had he made that mark. Asante Samuel and Champ Bailey who are really difference makers each had 10 interceptions in 2006. Nearly half Nate’s career total. The reality is that no corner puts up those kind of numbers every year, but Nate never has. Interceptions come to players that are reactive and can hang in the zone and read the play.

Even though the Bills were right to let Nate Clements walk (especially considering the silly sum he received from the 49ers), they really don’t have a replacement for him. The Cornerback roster for the Bills is thin and not very exciting:

Terrence McGee
Jason Webster
Kiwaukee Thomas
Ashton Youboty
Jabari Greer
Eric Bassey
Chris Thompson
Reggie Lewis
Duane Coleman
Riley Swanson

You never can tell what diamonds in the rough might be in there, but this isn’t the kind of list that puts fear in the hearts of the opposing quarterbacks and receivers. Terrence McGee is listed at number one and he is a marginal corner at best. What makes McGee exciting is his return capability (the Bills will be crazy to take him off kick returns, starting corner or not, he is way too good, all-time franchise leader). In fact he is so good running through chaos with the ball that its worth sacrificing his often blundered coverage on the field for the chance that he makes an interception. McGee, when he gets the ball has high odds of making a big return or scoring a touchdown. This is the innate part of playing football, the natural vision. McGee is still pretty raw but his mistakes are more correctable. Nate Clements has all the technique but lacks the feel for the game that McGee has. McGee will need some work, but could take the next step this season. If not, the Bills may be looking deeper into their depth for Cornerback talent. Is it there?

Jason Webster figures to be the number two guy, he has played great so far in his minicamp work. While may consider this position open, I think Webster has it locked up. He has tons of experience and is a reliable piece in an otherwise wide open cornerback situation. He has more experience than McGee but has never been a real big play maker. Thats why he is the lock for the number two spot and not number one.

Kiwaukee Thomas came on strong in 2006 and should be guaranteed a roster spot. He was solid when the Bills used 3 cornerbacks in their nickel package. He also came in and played well spelling for Clements and McGee in 2006. Ashton Youboty possesses all of the talent to be the number one guy but so spot time in three games his rookie season. He seems to be a little slower on the uptake than the Bills would have liked, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have a shot at doing something in 2007. Jabari Greer has been a solid backup and special teamer and will also likely be on the roster.

Between Bassey, Thompson, Lewis, Coleman and Swanson things are wide open for maybe 1 roster spot. The Bills may hold onto a couple good prospects on the practice squad in this area as well, so its likely that 3 of these guys could be around in September, if only on the practice field. Since the Bills don’t have a stand out corner they will be looking for diamonds in the rough and want to keep a few young guys around to see if they develop. Prior to camp it would be silly to guess which one of these guys will take the next step.

I’d like to see Webster, Youboty as the starters with McGee and Thomas rotating in heavily and filling the Nickel role. McGee has had a much greater impact on special teams so it seems stupid to have him focus on the part of his game where he has had less success. McGee has scored 4 touchdowns on Special Teams and only one on defense. The Bills will be playing more cover two and more zone than they did last year. They want fast reactive players. Guys that can break on the ball and take it away. Expect more turnovers for the Bills secondary in 2007 but also expect more blown coverages.

The Bills may have to rotate players a bit in the beginning of the season to see what group works best, but they have a lot of young players who may shine when given the chance. Then again they may not. The 2007 Bills with a little luck will have a solid if not daunting corps of defensive backs.

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Current Bills Schedule Training Camp

Special Dates at Training Camp

[The following is from Chris Brown’s blog at]


  • On Aug. 4 it’s Junior Bills Backers day for the youngsters where a special day is planned for the kids at camp. So sign your kids up at
  • On Aug. 7 it’s Alumni day where a lot of Bills alumni are expected to be in, so if you can make it out that day have your autograph books and cameras at the ready.
  • On Aug. 13 Jim Kelly and J.P. Losman will be at camp to promote the Enlyten SportStrips product.
  • On Aug. 14 it’s the Turkey Hill ice cream sampling day.
  • On Aug. 15 there will be a Jet Blue on field promotion and a Tim Horton’s Iced Coffee giveaway.
Bills History Current Bills Hall of Fame NFL

Football Fan, or Buffalo Bills Fan?

I got an e-mail from today, promoting the upcoming Hall of Fame inductions. As a Bills fan, you know that Thurman Thomas will be one of those inductees on August 4th. If money were not an issue, I am pretty sure we’d be there. The e-mail that was sent had each player in their uniform as a collage of NFL players for the header of the e-mail. It was neat. Seeing Thurman with that group of great players… just brought back memories.

But one of those players, Bruce Matthews, is shown in a Tennessee Titans uniform. Now, I remember Bruce Matthews. I believe he mostly played for the Houston Oilers, am I correct? I realize that the Houston Oilers moved and are now the Tennessee Titans, but can’t you give the Houston fans something to remember their team by? Yes, they have the Texans now… but come on. Do they even compare? Not yet, they don’t.

That got me thinking about the Bills. Rumors have abounded since I first became a Buffalo Bills fan way back in 1988 that our team “might not be here much longer”. Rumors of moving the team to L.A., to Toronto… and maybe some other places. But for now, the Bills remain in Western New York, and I remain a Big Bills Fan.

But what if Mr. Wilson passes on in the not-too-distant future? I’m sure he’s making some plans… but, you can’t know what will happen when someone else is calling the shots. Will they keep the team in Buffalo? With the new contracts that players are signing, I really don’t see how the Bills can remain a viable franchise in this region. (Note. I am no financial wizard. So, take my “business sense” with a grain of salt…) I do know that as player price tags rise, the only way to compensate is to charge more money. Who mostly gets charged? Western New Yorkers. Bills fans.

If nothing changes, and the Bills get moved to a larger market to survive, what will you do Bills fan? Will you continue to follow the team? (Any Clippers fans out there still?) Or will you root for the Browns, the Steelers, or whatever team (if not the Bills) shows up just north of the border?

I have to say that if no team were here in Buffalo… I might follow them in whatever town they were moved to for a year, maybe two. But, I really don’t think I would continue very long. I am a BUFFALO Bills fan. I am (sorry NFL) not an NFL football fan. Yes, I like football, but my allegience is to my team here in my area. I really don’t care much at all about any other team. Ask my wife. She’s the one watching the other games on weekends, while I find something else to do around the house.

What would you do if the Bills left town, and 10 years down the road they are still inducting members of those Buffalo Super Bowl teams into the NFL Hall of Fame, but instead they are shown as Toronto Loons, or Los Angeles Gang Members? “This year’s Hall of Fame class includes Steve Tasker, from the Toronto Loons.” Ouch.

No, Bills fans, I’m sad to say it… if the Bills ever left town, I would quickly forget about the NFL. I would move on to other things. (There actually is more to life than football, though with only nine days to training camp… it’s hard to remember that!) I just wouldn’t care if the NFL did not have a team in my area.

So listen up, NFL. If you want fans from this area… don’t expect us to root for our Bills if they are based in Toronto. Don’t certainly don’t expect us to latch on to the Browns, Steelers, Jets, or Giants. We’re Bills fans. BUFFALO Bills fans. I know I am. And forever shall be.



NHL Hockey… Outdoors?

Rumor has it that the Sabres/Penguins game scheduled for January 1st, 2008 in Buffalo could be held outdoors at Ralph Wilson Stadium!!! How cool is that?!? We would really like to be there, if that ends up being the case.

[Read the Buffalo News article that mentions this possible location for the game.]


Sabres Schedule Announced

Sabres Schedule
The Buffalo Sabres today announced their 2007-2008 schedule. (Didn’t they just finish playing the 2006-2007 season??) 🙂 We were really hoping that the Sabres (1) would play the San Jose Sharks this year, and (2) that they would play IN San Jose, and then (3) that it would coincide with our trip out there this fall.

BUT, alas… they will be on a road trip during that week… and they do play in San Jose this year… just, not at the same time.

November 15th is already circled on my calendar. First game against the Senators. The first games against Drury and Briere’s new teams will be interesting as well. The season opens with a “home and home” against the NY Islanders, whom the Sabres ousted in round one of last year’s playoffs.

Bring on the hockey season! (Football first… but hockey a close second!)


Free Agency in Sports

Chris Drury and Daniel Briere
As you most likely know by now, Chris Drury and Daniel Briere have moved on from the Buffalo Sabres to $$$Greener Pastures$$$. They were signed by two different teams (Rangers and Flyers) for a combined $84 million!!! Holy cow, that’s a lot of moola! The Sabres were unable and/or unwilling to match that, and in the case of Drury, he just chose to go to the Rangers (they were his favorite childhood team) instead of stay in Buffalo (who would have matched the Rangers’ offer.

So, good for those guys… at least financially. But this brings up yet again the sad state of sports with free agency and salary caps. There are many factors, and I really don’t want to get into it here, but I do want to say that I am not a fan of free agency.

I understand that it is very cool for the player. They get more money for sure, they also get the chance to determine where they will play (like Drury). But both Drury and Briere were captains on the President Trophy winning Sabres (for the best record in hockey) and they left that behind (understandably, in many ways) to pursue their goals. Not those of the team.

Does any player care about the game, or the team, or the city anymore? Perhaps that is unfair. Both of these guys said they would like to stay in Buffalo. Particularly Briere. But in the end, he was offered $25 million over 5 years by the Sabres, and the Flyers offered him $52 million over 7 years.

Yeah, I would too.

I think. Part of me says I wouldn’t. I would take the “paltry” $25M and stay with the team that I had helped build. I would not move the family and start over again… I would be OK with $25 MILLION DOLLARS. But, why take $25M when you can double it?!? So crazy.

It’s sad that this is hurting sports in so many ways. Small market teams are unable to keep up as they can not charge as much for tickets, and don’t have other sources of revenue to keep up with the larger salary caps. It’s also just raising the price of tickets in general across all the sports leagues. Many sports writers are prediciting we’ll just be seeing another lock out in the not-too-distant future if the NHL continues this way.

What if players decided they love the game, and love to win, and build a championship team. What if teams fairly compensated those players who made a commitment to stay with one team for their careers? We will likely never see a team that can repeat what the Bills did from 1990-1993, going to four straight Super Bowls … mostly due to free agency.

It might sound like sour grapes, but even before we lost Drury, Briere, and even Zubrus a couple days later, I was not a fan of free agency. Maybe it’s because my team is one of those “small market teams”, but I think it’s cause I love the idea of buildinig a team of guys you know and can root for for at least a good chunk of their careers. Now when you buy a jersey (like, #23 or #48) it’s obsolete in 3 years or less.

Too bad.

The Sabres did manage to hold on to Thomas Vanek last week, matching an offer that came in from Edmonton. They were not going to lose another one! Good for them.

I read a great article on this at today. Check it out if you’ve got time.

The Sabres will go on. As will the Bills, and every other team. It’s the path that pro sports have chosen. I do wish there was some happy medium where players could be happy, not at the expense of the team, city, fans, owner… and vice versa. I don’t think we’ve found that just yet.