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Buffalo Bills 50th Anniversary Team : Defense

It’s time to pick your all-time defense for the Buffalo Bills. Voting is now open for defensive players (and head coach, too) at the Bills website. Above are my selections for the team. I tried hard to not just pick guys from the 90s Super Bowl teams. I think I did a pretty good job…

Have fun picking yours!

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Buffalo Bills 50th Anniversary Team

Perhaps you have already heard that is accepting your nominations for the greatest Buffalo Bills players of all time. Position by position. You name your players for the 50th anniversary of the Buffalo Bills. Above are my picks for the offense. Some tough choices actually. (Notice that not many from this current team are in that line-up…)

Maybe we’ll even do an off-season show discussing who we think would make the all-time team from the first 50 seasons? We’ll see.

For now you can play along here. Pretty cool website the boys have put together. Have fun voting!

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Jason Peters: Did You Expect Anything Else?

As I’m sure you’ve heard, and according to, Jason Peters will skip the Pro Bowl again. This year no official reason has been given for his absence:

At this point no official reason has been given for his inability to participate although Peters did miss the last two games of the 2008 regular season with a knee injury.

Sheesh. Can we please TRADE Jason Peters for a top draft pick??? I stand by my idea as the best possible move for Peters and the Bills. What will stop the “two-time Pro Bowler” from holding out again this offseason? Why would the Bills want to deal with that again, and why in the world would they increase his salary based on his 2008 performance?

They shouldn’t. And I really hope they don’t.

Trade him. Draft the top LT. And then draft one of the top three centers to replace all three of our current subpar centers who are all going to be free agents this offseason. (Chris Brown presents a good case for this at I think Walker, Dockery, and even Butler, Chambers and the young fella, Bell are all pretty good linemen. Throw in a couple rookie studs, and we should have a pretty solid O-line. (A line that steadily improved all last season, especially in the running game, which started horribly.)

At least we know, Peters must go.

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BBR on Facebook

Hey folks. Quick note here to remind you that there is a BBR group on Facebook, and every once in a while (recently, at least) I have been trying to post pertinent links and info there. There’s a discussion board, and some other fun stuff there. So I just wanted to encourage your participation there if you are Facebook-inclined. 🙂

Here’s the link:

Come get interactive today!

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Various BBR-Newsworthy Items

There are a few random things from the previous show or two to tidy up, so I am posting them here, and hoping that folks are checking the BBR News page!

BBR Game Day LIVE!
We’ll be setting up in the ECC parking lot off Southwestern Blvd this Sunday morning. I’m bringing a football, and it looks like I’ll also be cooking my famous chicken wings right there in the parking lot as well! Our friend Chi will be making beef brisket (ya, I’m not to sure what that is either…) and we know Sven is bringing some German tailgating food… It’s gonna be a fun morning!

Then we watch the Bills dominate the Ravens!

Then we come back to the parking lot, set up the sound system, and do the Bills Review with a live audience! If you’re coming out to the game, don’t miss this part! Should be fun (and kinda funny…) and I just have no idea what we’ll get. We’re shooting for a start time of just half an hour after the game ends. We’ll see if we can do it.

If you missed the link above, more info (including a map) are at the original BBR Game Day Live post, here:

Van Miller Impression
Our friend Adam from New Jersey sent in his Van Miller impression a while back, but we never got to air it, so here it is in its entirety, in all it’s glory, for the ages… and for a Slim Jim. 🙂

Van Miller Impression by Adam from NJ

Also, see a photo of the prize Adam won.

Kenny Mayne Interviews Gibran Hamden
You heard a snippet of the interview Kenny Mayne did with our now third string QB Gibran Hamden on our latest show (3.10) but there was more to it, and now you can hear the full 3 minutes or so!

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We Have A Winner!

Greg's Chicken Wings!Along with the Buffalo Bills first win comes a greatly anticipated secondary win — Greg gets his chicken wings!!!

That’s right! Buffalo avoids going 0-5 (though Dave was dangerously close in his prediction!!) and Greg will be getting a bucket of medium wings from Duffs!

Also, the PUNT Foundation will be receiving $150 from this little wager. Dave and D. Mahlitz ponied up $50 each, saying the Bills would go 0-5. John said on the show that even though he took the side of at least one win, he would still make the donation. Great idea!

We created a page where BBR listeners can donate to Brian’s foundation. You can even start your own fund raising page! If you’d like to make a donation, click this link:

Thanks for playing along! Go Bills!

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Buffalo @ New England Highlights Video

LINK: I know, I know… they are hardly highlights, but.. check out the part where Losman’s knee is hit. CLEAR video evidence that Wilfork was AIMING for Losman’s knee. He dives straight at it with his ELBOW. Yikes. I hope some serious fines are levied. What is it with this team??? They are already by far the most talented… why must they cheat??

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Article: Break Up The Parity

There is a football site that has us (the Buffalo Bills Review) on their mailing list. They have some interesting articles over there, including one I read today regarding “parity” in the NFL. The word is used a lot, and according to, inaccurately. They have some interesting stats to back it up.

Check out their article: Our Pigskin Police Breaks Up The Parity

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NFL Network [[[FREE]]] on iTunes

NFL Network on iTunesOK, not the whole network, but I found out tonight that the NFL Network is offering their team previews for each NFL team for FREE on iTunes this week. Don’t know how long this is going to last, so go download! They are only seven minutes long, but hey… they’re FREE. 🙂

EDITOR’S NOTE: I should have known that this was too good to be true. After downloading about EIGHT team previews… I discovered that they are all the same!!! Lousy NFL. It’s a fun seven minute video, but … come on. Why you gotta test the market like that. Get my hopes up and all. Oh well. Let’s all download the via the Bills link and let them know the BILLS are the most popular team out there! (At least on iTunes…)

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Join the BBR Team, Help Kids

Brian Moorman's Punt FoundationBills punter, Brian Moorman, joined us on the Bills Review today (another special edition BBR, available here) and we learned that not only is his foundation doing great things for children who have cancer, and their families… we can help out pretty easily too!

Anyone is able to donate, or join the Kicking for Kids 2007 campaign where you pledge to donate any amount of money per kick downed inside the 20. Last year Brian had 33, so if you pledge $1 per kick, that’s $33 at the end of the year. But another pretty cool feature is setting up your own PUNT Foundation fund raising page!

So, we have done that for the Buffalo Bills Review!

Click the little graphic at the top right of this entry, and head over there and donate, or join our fund raising team by clicking the “Join this team” link in the right-hand column. You can make your own page where family, friends, co-workers, anyone can donate to a good cause.

I have set a goal of $1000 to be raised by the collective BBR listeners. I’m sure we can do that. Let’s blow that away!

For more information on the PUNT Foundation, visit Brian’s site: