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We Have A Winner!

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Greg's Chicken Wings!Along with the Buffalo Bills first win comes a greatly anticipated secondary win — Greg gets his chicken wings!!!

That’s right! Buffalo avoids going 0-5 (though Dave was dangerously close in his prediction!!) and Greg will be getting a bucket of medium wings from Duffs!

Also, the PUNT Foundation will be receiving $150 from this little wager. Dave and D. Mahlitz ponied up $50 each, saying the Bills would go 0-5. John said on the show that even though he took the side of at least one win, he would still make the donation. Great idea!

We created a page where BBR listeners can donate to Brian’s foundation. You can even start your own fund raising page! If you’d like to make a donation, click this link:

Thanks for playing along! Go Bills!

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