Jason Peters, or Beating a Dead Horse

Personally I think Peters should fire his agent. He has completely bungled the handling of the situation. Peters is coming off a pro bowl season and certainly has a strong argument for a new contract. He was signed as a prospect right tackle when he signed his current contract. switching to left tackle justifies a bigger pay check especially when you go to the pro bowl in your first season as a starter at the position!

The problem is that Peters didn’t talk to the Bills about a new contract. He made a media stink and has been sitting out of all team activities. This doesn’t exactly build his case for the Bills management who could arguably say that Peters 2007 could have been a fluke. I think he is the player we saw last year though and the bills know it. The problem is that they cant sign him as long as he is sitting out because it sends a message out to other players that this is actually an effective way to negotiate.

If Peters gets tired of being fined and shows up at camp, he will find the team quite willing to renegotiate. But as long as he acts like a fool, he won’t see any change in his contract, just a lot of fines eating away at it. You hold out when you try to negotiate and the team says no way. Peters never negotiated, or his agent didn’t. its just stupid misguidance on his agent’s part. He is apparently bungling in the same way with another client in minnesota. Peters needs to show up to camp and he will get a new contract. In the mean time it gives the Bills an opportunity to explore their depth at left tackle. Uh oh, what depth? Peters needs to be on the field.

Players Pre-Season Training Camp

Jason Peters: Greg’s Take

Jason Peters holds out of the Buffalo Bills 2008 training campThere’s a disturbance in the force at Bills training camp this mid summer’s eve. And it’s no minor one. This disturbance could get downright ugly.

As Dave pointed out earlier the disturbance is emanating from our left tackle, Jason Peters.

Perhaps you could have guessed this, but I have a slightly different opinion on this than Dave. Not entirely. I completely agree with his points (except, not sure where he’s going with the “Sabres…” one, perhaps just that they lose all their best players?) But I do not agree with who it seems he thinks is to blame.

See, I believe the Bills. From everything they have said, they have had no contact at all with Peters since the end of the 2007 season. What? What kind of negotiating tactic is that? How is that being a team player? Should there be some participation here? I could be wrong (I’m sure I have not seen everything that has been published on this) but I don’t think I have ever seen where Peters’ agent, or Peters himself have ever even asked for a contract extension!

If Jason Peters would like to be paid more money, I’m all for it. I think allowing the fewest sacks in the league last year, and the fewest for any Bills team in a decade, speaks for itself. Peters was selected by his peers to represent the AFC in the Pro Bowl. He’s definitely a great player, a great story, and from what I hear, a great man.

But is this his best strategy?

Peters has three years left on a very lucrative contract. He’s making millions a year, and there’s no reason to believe that the Bills won’t restructure that to lock him up long term. Look what they have been doing. They signed Schobel and Kelsay to long term extensions last year. They are working on Lee Evans right now (although his contract is closer to its end) and they restructured Moorman, Lindell, Kyle Williams, and others. The Bills are very willing to reward players who show promise, and a commitment to the organization.

I do not believe Peters is serving his own best interest by not reporting to training camp.

Some have speculated that the hold out has something to do with the injury he suffered late last season, and a slow recovery from the subsequent surgery. Not sure if that’s the case. It does seem like Peters just wants to be paid more. Traditionally the left tackle is the highest paid position, but the Bills shelled out mega dollars last season for LG Derrick Dockery and RT Langston Walker. Both of whom are integral pieces of the offensive line, and both of whom dwarf Peters’ salary.

So he has a reason to be disgruntled. But he has no reason to believe the Bills will not extend the same offers (pro-active offers) that they have to several other players over the last several years.

My advice to Jason is to dump whoever the guy is who is advising him to hold out of training camp. It’s a blemish on him, and as Dave said, a distraction to the team in an otherwise very promising pre-season. There could be very good things for Buffalo this year, but Peters’ strangely silent quest for more money (or so we presume) will not help that at all.

It can only hurt.


Jason Peters

There is a lot of BS being spread around that the Bills are not letting Jason Peters absence be a distraction. Management is taking a move on approach. Drake says this is dumb…

This is a potential disaster for a team that should be a playoff contender. If Jason Peters misses all of training camp and the pre-season that will be a major blow to the Bills playoff hopes. Why?
Reason 1: Players who miss the pre-season often end up injured… Bad news our line was intact for the entire season last year.
Reason 2: New offensive coordinator our best OL needs to be learning what is going on.
Reason 3: Without Peters our offense will suck and Edwards will get killed
Reason 4: Sabres…
The Bills need to give Peters a contract making him the highest paid player on the 0-line and/or the team. We got the cap room let’s make it happen.
Pre-Season Training Camp

Training Camp is Open! (And I was there!)

The day started very early for me. Up at 6:30 to get some stuff done before leaving at 8:00am, and all for a very good reason..

The first day of Buffalo Bills Training Camp!!!

I brought my two boys with me, and we headed for the parking lot of Pittsford/Mendon High School where we would catch the shuttle bus to St. John Fisher College … and see the Bills!

All went as planned (aside from getting slightly lost on the way to the shuttling spot) and we had a beautiful day to take in the return of Buffalo Bills football. Seriously, it was so great to see all the familiar faces out on the field (it feels like you’re right there on the field with them at training camp) and it was great to see the new guys, too.

Just great to see NFL football.

A few thoughts from the first day before I hit the hay…

I can’t say enough how excited I am about James Hardy. I think this kid is going to be great for us – and even this year. He’s a quite a bit taller than his cohorts, and he runs good rounds, and from interviews I’ve seen, he’s definitely got the right attitude. Great pick up by the Bills.

Edwards looks poised and confident as always. JP has a loose cannon. First toss in the 7 on 7s was a huge bomb down the field (broken up nicely by Ashton Youboty.) I was a little disappointed with how Trent checked down nearly every time though… even in 7 on 7 drill with no pads.

I was impressed with the pace, though. They were running at a somewhat “hurry-up” pace. I do think Schonert is going to take this offense into a higher gear.

It was fantastic to see Marcus Stroud wearing Bills blue. And not only that, he was definitely a vocal leader of the DL unit. He seemed to be instructing our young guys, and they were listening. I did also notice that John McCargo was with the starting unit, next to Stroud, but found out later that’s because Kyle Williams was excused for the birth of a baby (he and his wife just had a baby) Williams will resume the starting role when he returns (though I think McCargo will challenge for that spot in camp.)

Will James intercepted JP Losman’s first 11 on 11 drill pass. Then Alvin Bowen tipped his second pass. And as I said earlier, Youboty made a great play on JP’s deep pass. JP may not have looked so hot (even bumped into Roscoe Parrish on a reverse handoff!!) but the new guys on defense did!

The atmosphere
Fans were excited to be there. There were just a couple thousand probably, but all who were there were ooo-ing and aah-ing with each play or missed play. Very into it. And, when the four preassigned players came to the autograph tent following practice, the crowd waiting to see them erupted in loud cheering! Too funny! We sure do love our Bills!

There was a new attraction at the kids interactive zone. It was a field goal kicking game. Seemed to be attracting more “big boys” than little boys. 🙂 My boys tried it of course, along with all the other fun interactive activities. Bills training camp is definitely a fun event all around – not just football.

Night Practices start next week. We’ll be in attendance next Thursday night. Can’t wait!

I took some photos today, will be posting them to our Facebook Page sometime this weekend.

For all the latest from training camp, definitely visit Chris Brown’s blog and the Multimedia page at They do a great job of covering everything!

Bills football is here!!!

BBR Guys Website Updates

BBR Articles Page – New Writers

Hey folks, just wanted to let you know that we’re expanding a bit here at the Buffalo Bills Review! We have brought on a few more contributors to the Articles Page, hoping to make that a place full of great Bills-related articles, thoughts, editorials, even links and quick news tidbits. With more contributors, there should be even more content, and a great variety, too!

All the BBR hosts will be contributing (Greg, Dave, The John, Dre, maybe even “Uncle” Josh) as well as Ben Plewak, and Brian Hedger who wrote for BBR last year. Joining the team this year are Ryan Simmons, host of The NFL Tailgate (and last year filled in for Greg for a show), and “wyo”, a former blogger at, and super-mega contributor to the Message Boards. She’s a long-time Bills fan, and has great stuff to say about our Bills.

More will be joining the team, and the page will be hopping soon, with Buffalo Bills football really JUST around the corner! So stop by the page and/or bookmark the feed.

And… Go Bills! Training camp is almost here!!

Offseason Players Videos

Donte Whitner: Championship

Got this link as a response to the article posted directly below. Donte Whitner was one of the players I have heard saying, “We just want to make the playoffs,” so this was good to see. I do know he made the guarantee on ESPN that we’d make the playoffs, but again, is that enough? Apparently Donte wants more.

Really like this kid. Think he’s gonna be great for the Bills for years to come. Seems Levy wasn’t crazy when he made him the 8th overall pick in his first year as the Bills GM… 🙂

Current Bills Playoffs Pre-Season

Are The Bills Setting Their Sights Too Low?

We are under a week from the start of training camp, and there is a buzz around Bills land. It is the typical late-July buzz, but this year the din seems to be a bit louder. Players are excited, coaches are excited, and fans are excited. Even some of the media is starting to catch on, calling this Bills team a possible “Sleeper” in the 2008 season.

And for good reason, as I have mentioned before in parts 1 and 2 of my pre-pre-season preview of the 2008 Bills.

But something has been bothering me almost every time I hear any player talk about this upcoming season. Sure there is great optimism, and there are many good reasons to believe (returning players, new players, system is established, good talent level on this team, good depth) … but what are they believing in?

“I want to be the best I can be and I want to take this team to the playoffs and I want to win some football games,” said QB Trent Edwards.

Did you see it? What is it that Trent (and seemingly every other Buffalo Bill) wants from this season?

To make the playoffs.

Granted, when a franchise has not attained that level in nine seasons, that seems a respectable goal. But is it enough? Is it like in karate (I don’t really know what I’m saying here) where you try to break a board, you have to envision your hand going through the board, not to the board. If the Bills dream of only the playoffs, might they only get that far… and miss the chance to advance in the post season?

To me, it seems they are not thinking far enough ahead. I have heard the popular sports adage, “Cross one river at a time.” We often heard it coming from the mouth of our beloved Marv Levy. And I do understand that thinking also. But really, is it enough to only want to make the playoffs? Don’t we want to at least win a playoff game? Shouldn’t we be thinking we have as much right to that Lombardi Trophy as the other 31 teams? Maybe more??

As we enter training camp, I’d like to see the Bills language change slightly. It may be only a word, but I think it might be important. Once we see the players start thinking they really can win, they really are good… perhaps they will start to talk like they believe that too, and maybe that will bring about a change not only in language and thinking, but on the football field as well.