Jason Peters

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There is a lot of BS being spread around that the Bills are not letting Jason Peters absence be a distraction. Management is taking a move on approach. Drake says this is dumb…

This is a potential disaster for a team that should be a playoff contender. If Jason Peters misses all of training camp and the pre-season that will be a major blow to the Bills playoff hopes. Why?
Reason 1: Players who miss the pre-season often end up injured… Bad news our line was intact for the entire season last year.
Reason 2: New offensive coordinator our best OL needs to be learning what is going on.
Reason 3: Without Peters our offense will suck and Edwards will get killed
Reason 4: Sabres…
The Bills need to give Peters a contract making him the highest paid player on the 0-line and/or the team. We got the cap room let’s make it happen.