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The T.O. Buzz Continues…

A few days after the Bills dropped the T.O. bomb on the NFL, it’s all anyone can talk about. We figured that at least the Bills would get that out of the deal, right? I’m still wondering if eventually the small market-ness of Buffalo will help the buzz to subside, but at the moment, ALL of the top stories on the front page of are about T.O. and/or the Bills. Fascinating.

Here are a few links to videos and articles worth checking out:

  • VIDEO Dolphins play-by-play guy talks about Evans/Owns and Moss/Welker in the same division. (
  • VIDEO NFL Network guys discuss the Bills signing of Terrell Owens. (
  • VIDEO interviews Trent Edwards re: the Bills signing of T.O. (
  • ARTICLE Jerry Sullivan’s take on the whole T.O. thing. (Buffalo News)
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Terrell Owens: First Reactions to Buffalo’s Big News

Terrell Owens is a Buffalo Bill
The Buffalo Sabres – Buffalo’s other pro sports franchise – are very happy with their trade deadline acquisitions. This past week they added a goalie and a promising young forward. They also signed one of their star players to a well-earned contract extension. They kept the buzz going with two straight 5-1 victories since the roster moves.

But all that pales in comparison to what the Bills announced today.

We here at the Buffalo Bills Review were hopeful that the Bills might fill some needs with some recognizable name players like C Jeff Saturday or Matt Birk, or backup QB Jeff Garcia, even RB Fred Taylor. Based on their history, that was wishful thinking of course, but people – and organizations – can change, so there was always a chance.

The Bills lost out on most of those guys, and strangely went with a very Losman-like QB in Ryan Fitzpatrick from Cincinnati. They have had a parade of free agent visitors through the doors at One Bills Drive, but have only managed to sign those you might expect them to. G/C Geoff Hangartner and CB Drayton Florence have both signed with the Bills. They seem to be hole-filler, role players, replacing the released G Derrick Dockery (now back with the Redskins) and recently departed CB Jabari Greer, who will don the New Orleans Saints uniform in 2009.

And the parade has continued. Names like Lavarenues Coles, Joey Galloway, Cato June, DeShaun Foster, Freddie Keiaho… all players with some name recognition. To this point, I have been giving the Bills an “A” for effort. They’re definitely not satisfied with their roster as-is.

But honestly, I never saw this coming. Even when I saw the idea posted to the Buffalo Bills Message Boards. Even when a Cowboys-fan friend of the show suggested the possibility.

Not even in my Madden franchise.

But we have said repeatedly on the Buffalo Bills Review that Russ Brandon has done an excellent job marketing this team. He may not be a football guy, so to speak. He may not have years of NFL experience. He may not be the best candidate for General Manager of the Buffalo Bills. But he sure knows how to market his team.

You can’t argue with TO’s numbers. While his off (and on) field antics may draw the attention of the press, his production on the field has been stellar. Nine straight 1,000 yard seasons. Double-digit TD receptions three of his last four seasons. He’s a deep threat, he’s a possession receiver, and he’s just a play maker. Owens presence in Orchard Park should even land the Bills at least two more nationally televised games in 2009.

Still, you have to wonder what Marv Levy thinks of this deal.

What I really do like about the signing is that it is just a one year deal. Owens often has a good first season for his new team. Perhaps that will hold true in Buffalo.

Still, questions abound – especially from the nation media who has something of a TO soap opera fetish. How will TO mesh with young QB Trent Edwards. (When will he first complain about not getting the ball enough?) Can a team already dealing with the distraction of RB Marshawn Lynch’s second brush with the law in the past year handle the walking time bomb that is TO?

For the moment, the Bills are happy to have the chance to roll the dice.

If they do indeed get on a roll, and TO produces on the field as he has been, the Bills will not be the 25th ranked offense in the league next year. With Evans, Owens, Lynch, Jackson, Edwards and even Parrish and Reed… opposing teams will have their work cut out for them. has some great coverage of the signing. Check out Chris Brown’s article, and coming up tonight, one-to-one interviews with Russ Brandon and Terrell Owens at the multimedia page.

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Free Agent Wishlist

Now that New England has drawn RB Fred Taylor away from the Bills with only the promise of a potential championship ring… (Hmmmph!) the Bills continue to schedule visits with free agent players of interest. We mentioned a few of these guys on last night’s show, but if I were the GM, the list of free agents I’d like to sign would looks something like this:

  • C Matt Birk
  • QB Jeff Garcia
  • WR Amani Toomer (or a similar proven vet)
  • RB Fred Taylor (he could have been Marshawn’s dad!)
  • LB Cato June (the Bills might actually opt to go with OLB depth in the draft, but June would be a good veteran add)
  • G Brandon Moore (going on’s Chris Brown on this one… says he’s good, and could be cheap)

It’s a pretty short list. I’m sure we’ll get totally different guys, and one of them might be useful. If we could even just get one of those guys on the list above… well, I’d be a happy Bills fan.

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Jason Peters: Did You Expect Anything Else?

As I’m sure you’ve heard, and according to, Jason Peters will skip the Pro Bowl again. This year no official reason has been given for his absence:

At this point no official reason has been given for his inability to participate although Peters did miss the last two games of the 2008 regular season with a knee injury.

Sheesh. Can we please TRADE Jason Peters for a top draft pick??? I stand by my idea as the best possible move for Peters and the Bills. What will stop the “two-time Pro Bowler” from holding out again this offseason? Why would the Bills want to deal with that again, and why in the world would they increase his salary based on his 2008 performance?

They shouldn’t. And I really hope they don’t.

Trade him. Draft the top LT. And then draft one of the top three centers to replace all three of our current subpar centers who are all going to be free agents this offseason. (Chris Brown presents a good case for this at I think Walker, Dockery, and even Butler, Chambers and the young fella, Bell are all pretty good linemen. Throw in a couple rookie studs, and we should have a pretty solid O-line. (A line that steadily improved all last season, especially in the running game, which started horribly.)

At least we know, Peters must go.

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With the NFL draft less than a week away, I was contemplating what would make this draft “successful” for the Buffalo Bills. The past two have been pretty great, actually. Names like Donte Whitner, Ko Simpson, John McCargo, Kyle Williams, have all been contributers. Trent Edwards, Marshawn Lynch, and Paul Posluszny could be franchise players. (And all from one draft!) Even Keith Ellison, Ashton Youboty, Brad Butler, Dwayne Wright, John Wendling, and Derek Schouman have already seen some success at the NFL level.

The Bills certainly draft well.

But part of the success of the past two drafts has been the needs at all of the positions those guys filled. This team has not made the playoffs in nine years, and was in need of a major overhaul – which has pretty much been accomplished. This team does not look anything like the team Marv Levy took over – along with new head coach Dick Jauron – in 2006.

So what would deem this upcoming draft a success? Better yet, what would qualify the upcoming season as a “success”?

I believe that in the eyes of Bills fans, the draft is quite secondary to the accomplishment of returning to the playoffs. Anything short of this is neither a success, nor perhaps even acceptable.

Dick Jauron has assembled his team. He has assembled his coaching staff. (Which hopefully will be markedly improved with the departure of the much-maligned Steve Fairchild.) He had a “successful” 2007 campaign when measured against the incredibly bad fortune his team faced, losing 17 players to season-ending injuries.

They even have a “softer” schedule in 2008 (based on teams’ 2007 records).

This season, the Bills will be successful if they make the playoffs. Anything short of that, while it may be fun and exciting along the way – with a few minor successes – would seem to fall very short of “success”. And, it may cost Jauron his job.

A few very solid moves in the free agency period have put the Bills in a better position heading into the draft. Marcus Stroud and Spencer Johnson add thickness to the Bills’ interior defensive line. Kawika Mitchell brings his athleticism and experience to a young LB core, as well as the experience of winning the most recent Super Bowl.

All good moves to solidify the Bills defense.

Most speculate that the Bills biggest remaining holes – presumably to be filled in the draft – are a second wide receiver, a game-breaking tight end, and cornerback. Opinions vary, of course, but from what I have read, there are not really great options (on the surface) at any of those positions. Many expect the Bills – who possess 10 draft picks in the 2008 draft – to wheel and deal to land some veteran talent via trades on draft weekend.

Whatever the Bills end up doing, whoever they end up adding to their team on Draft Weekend, the 2008 draft – and the 2008 season – will only be a success if the Bills can finally return to post-season play.

In the eyes of this Bills fan, anything short of that will be a failure.

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Mission Accomplished: Fat Guys Added

New Fat Guys, Spencer Johnson and Marcus Stroud
The Bills went a long way toward improving their run defense—as well as their pass rush—by making a trade this past weekend for DT Marcus Stroud, formerly of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Stroud is a big man, but also very quick, and a great pursuer. He’s 6’6″ and 308 pounds. That’s a big man in the middle, something the Bills have been sorely lacking in recent years. And, it has shown as Buffalo’s run defense has been in the statistical cellar for the past three seasons.

The first free agent to sign was Kawika Mitchell from the world champion NY Giants. Mitchell came over to NY from the Chiefs as a free agent in 2007, and then signed a five-year deal Friday to play for the Bills. His style is reminiscent of the great Buffalo Bills LB Darryl Talley. Buffalo fans hope he can match Talley’s energy and accomplishments over the next five years or more.

Now with a solid corp of line backers in Paul Posluszny, Angelo Crowell, and Kawika Mitchell, the Bills turned their attention to the fat guys.

At just about the time the deal for Stroud was announced, the Bills also inked a deal with free agent DT Spencer Johnson of the Minnesota Vikings. Johnson played alongside former Bills DT Pat Williams and Vikings other fat man, Kevin Williams. Johnson joked about his day in the sun being overshadowed by the trade for Stroud, saying he’s used to it with Kevin & Pat.

Even though apparently used to being “second fiddle”, Johnson was also quite happy to be joining a line with Marcus Stroud, and presumably fellow Pro Bowler, Aaron Schobel. Add to that a couple young guys in Kyle Williams (Johnson can’t get away from the Williamses) and John McCargo, as well as Chris Kelsay and Ryan Denney, and the Bills defensive line no longer looks like a liability.

Additions were not the only news out of One Bills Drive this past week. Prior to Friday’s signings, the Bills parted ways with DT Larry Tripplett, as well as several other players leading up to the start of free agency. Gone now are Anthony Thomas, Coy Wire, Peerless Price, CB Jerametrius Butler, G Aaron Merz, and Kiwuakee Thomas.

Out with Kiwuakee, in with Kawika.

Rumors abound now on the offensive side of the ball, with vists from free agents Alge Crumpler and WR Bryant Johnson said to be happening this week. Nothing is confirmed regarding any offensive signings, but the Bills are known to be looking at the tight end position as well as adding a big, tall number two wide receiver.

Just as in 2007, the Bills have made some very fast moves with their available cap money, and in general, it seems Bills fans—and the Bills front office and coaching staff—are even more pleased with the first crop of free agent signings in 2008.

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Entering The Free Agent Waters

Last year the Bills showed no hesitation whatsoever in delving into the free agent market. In fact, I believe they signed their first free agent at midnight of the first day. The other two free agents they inked were signed by noon the next day. At the latest. The Bills knew who they wanted, and they made sure they got them.

The offensive linemen signed turned out to be pretty productive for the Bills, but some still question the amount they were signed for. Giving up such large chunks of money for what many labeled “mediocre” linemen was not what Bills fans expected from their team who was sporting one of the largest salary cap margins going into the free agent season.

This year, I really have no idea what to expect. I have said on our show that I believe the Bills will pursue Ernest Wilford from the Jaguars. He’s a tall, strong, decent wide receiver who can help in the red zone as a possession guy. Another free agent I’d like to see the Bills pursue is Alge Crumpler, formerly starting TE for the Falcons. This guy was a pro bowler not too long ago, and with the Bills sorely lacking at the tight end position, seems like Crumpler could make an impact right away, which wis what you want from a free agent singing.

The Bills tend to build through the draft but I would expect them to go after the two players mentioned above, as well as perhaps a veteran DL, LB, and maybe even QB. (Depending on what they are trying to do with JP Losman.)

There are some current Bills players who might test the free agent market. Among the Bills with no contracts are Anthony Hargrove, Michael Gaines, Sam Aiken, Mario Haggan, Ryan Neufeld, Josh Stamer, and then restricted free agents Jim Leonhard and Jason Jefferson. Not a lot of big names. They will probably re-sign a lot of these guys. There are a few players who, due to injury, didn’t really get to play at all last season – which was their first as a Bill – including Jason Whittle, Jason Webster, and Al Wallace. The least likely to return might be Anthony Hargrove, due to his off-field issues.

It’s open season starting this Friday, February 29th! We’ll see who our new Bills will be.

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Hey Bills fans!

How about THAT start to the free agency period?!?! Three big OL studs (well, at least two, with one “utility player” to boot)! A serious commitment to the OL to go along with the great young guys we brought in last season. Things are DEFINITELY looking up for our Bills in 2007!

Well, at the moment, the focus in our house is on THE BUFFALO SABRES! OH MAN are they playing great! They’re incredible! Can’t wait for the playoffs!!!

So, today I posted an article at the BBR @ page titled, “Are The Bills Following in the Sabres’ Footsteps?“. Worth a read… click over and check it out.

Looking forward to some more (probably smaller, outside of a Takeo or Willis trade) moves in the remainder of the FA period… and then the big Draft weekend. Marv should be able to put together another fantastic draft this year. THIS YEAR I am just going to trust that Marv knows what he’s doing, even if it don’t look like it!!! 🙂

Hope you’re enjoying the off-season, and if you don’t already know… just visit the Bills site daily (or, if you’re tech-savvy, get their RSS feeds to better stay on top of stuff) and you’ll know all the goings on at One Bills Drive. Chris Brown really does a great job of keeping us informed. His blog is excellent.

More to come… for now, check out BBR @!