Bills Preseason Schedule Announced

The Buffalo Bills now know which teams they will be playing this coming preseason. They also know, they get to open the preseason this year with a matchup against the Tennessee Titans in the Hall of Fame game in Canton, OH on Sunday, August 9th at 8:00pm. Quite appropriate that the Bills would be featured, as Bruce Smith – one of the all time greatest Buffalo Bills – will be enshrined that weekend.

The rest of the schedule looks like this:

8/9 8:00pm – Tennessee (in Canton, OH)
Wk 1 (TBA) – Chicago
Wk 2 (TBA) – @ Green Bay
Wk 3 (TBA) – @ Pittsburgh
Wk 4 (TBA) – Detroit Lions

I guess the NFL thought the NFC North needed to practice against the Bills this preseason? 🙂

Exact dates and times will be announced later, but it’s fun to see the 2009 season begin to take shape. Football is (just?) around the corner!

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Buffalo Bills 50th Anniversary Team : Defense

It’s time to pick your all-time defense for the Buffalo Bills. Voting is now open for defensive players (and head coach, too) at the Bills website. Above are my selections for the team. I tried hard to not just pick guys from the 90s Super Bowl teams. I think I did a pretty good job…

Have fun picking yours!

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Buffalo Bills 50th Anniversary Team

Perhaps you have already heard that is accepting your nominations for the greatest Buffalo Bills players of all time. Position by position. You name your players for the 50th anniversary of the Buffalo Bills. Above are my picks for the offense. Some tough choices actually. (Notice that not many from this current team are in that line-up…)

Maybe we’ll even do an off-season show discussing who we think would make the all-time team from the first 50 seasons? We’ll see.

For now you can play along here. Pretty cool website the boys have put together. Have fun voting!

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2008 Training Camp Schedule Posted

The Buffalo Bills have posted their 2008 training camp schedule. There are seven of the popular night practices. Practices begin July 25th and run through August 20th. They’ll be held in the BBR Other Guy’s former back yard, Pittsford, NY. It’s quite an experience, and worth the trip to Rochester to be sure!

Here’s the link with the full schedule and details. Football is almost here!!

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Bills Draft Picks Video Highlights

I found a few good videos below at YouTube, which I can embed here, but there are a bunch more including interviews, as well as in-depth articles at The Multimedia section has been revamped, and the video is much better quality, and easier to use (with a nice full-screen option as well… just wish they’d let me embed them here…)

Check out all the new players at:

Don’t forget the wealth of inside information at Chris Brown’s blog, and here are a couple other great articles to check out from our favorite Bills reporter… 🙂

Bills Have a Big First Day
Running Recap of Day Two
Bills Committed to Losman

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The Thurmanator

Thurman Thomas and Marv Levy at 2007 Hall of Fame Enshrinement
As most (I’d guess ALL) of you know, Thurman Thomas was enshrined at the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, OH this weekend. His career forever bronzed in a metal representation of his head.

If you got to see him play, you know what an amazing career it was. (I still contend he is the best overall player in the old NES game Tecmo Superbowl…) The guy led the league in yards from scrimmage … several times! You can check out all his stats, but most people who watched him know that it was his determination to win, to overcome, that not only set him apart, but for the span of his career with the Bills, was the mark of the entire team.

Maybe it started with the Thurmanator.

If you click the image above it will open a streaming video in RealPlayer of Thurman’s HOF speech on Aug 4th. But there are many more things at the HOF site, so click on that link below. There’s also a great video up at the Buffalo Bills website, so check that out when you can. Plus, a great article at by Vic Carucci.

It’s time to celebrate Thurman, so here are some good ways to do it. (Add any others in the comments below…)

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Great Pre-Camp Articles from Chris Brown

The Buffalo Bills website has featured a 20-day countdown to Bills Training Camp with the top 20 questions facing the Bills as they prepare for the 2007 season. As always, the articles have been fantastic. I thought it would be of interest to you as a listener of the Buffalo Bills Review to have the complete list (with links) available here in one place! So, click below to read and prepare for the 2007 Buffalo Bills season!!! Training camps starts JULY 26th!!! WHOOOHOOO!!!!


#1: Will The Bills Make The Playoffs?
#2: Will J.P. Losman Become An Elite Quarterback?
#3: Will The Run Defense Be Better?
#4: Who Will Make The Greatest Impact As A Rookie?
#5: Will Peters Make The Pro Bowl?
#6: Who Will Be The Right Cornerback?
#7: Who Will Pull Attention Off Of Lee Evans?
#8: Will The Pass Protection Be Better?
#9: Will There Be A Featured Running Back?
#10: Who Are The Training Camp Sleepers?
#11: Who Will Start At H-Back?
#12: Can Moorman Net 40?
#13: Who Starts At Middle Linebacker?
#14: Will Special Teams Reclaim NFL Top Spot?
#15: How Much Will Whitner & Simpson Improve?
#16: Who Will Start At Right Guard?
#17: Who Leads On Defense?
#18: Will Kevin Everett Contribute More?
#19: Who Will Be The Backup Quarterback?
#20: Can McGee Be An Anchor In The Secondary?


BBR @ [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] has been hosting my regular Bills column for the past year or so (I think I started writing just before the season began), but it was hosted on the message boards, and yesterday those received a (greatly anticipated) overhaul. What that also means is… my column there is (at least temporarily) gone.

Earlier this year, ALL of my posts prior to February (I believe) we automatically deleted by a script that was purging old posts!!! That was extremely frustrating, sad, etc… but I realized if I wanted to keep the stuff I was writing for posterity (or even just to link back to…) I would need to stash it somewhere else!

I created a page that has heretofore not been publicly linked, but since the other site is down (for an indefinite amount of time) I thought I’d link it for you.

To read my BBR @ column (what I have saved since February…) just go to:

Once I hear from, I’ll update the link in the main navigation above. For now, the back-up copy will have to do 🙂

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Training Camp Schedule Released

Seven night practices, all in full pads, highlight the 2007 Bills training camp schedule at St John Fisher College. The Bills will open camp on July 26th with three straight two-a-day practices! Things are ramping up… football season is around the corner! Check out for more.

Training Camp Daily Practice Schedule

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Fun Weekend With Some Buffalo Bills

Who You Callin' No Foot?
Hey folks!

I just posted a lengthy article over at the BBR @ Blog about some Bills-related fun and frivolity from this weekend. We got to meet three Buffalo Bills players, and hang out and even play football with one of them! Check out the article for the full story.

As for the photo above… that is a scan of the autographed piece of paper I am sending to Uncle Josh, of Buffalo Bills Review fame. 🙂

For those of you who have been with us from the beginning… you know the story of how Rian Lindell became “No Foot”. Josh was calling him out in PRESEASON!!! Crazy. Anyway, turns out Lindell had a phenomenal year, and an even better one last season. So we have weekly “No Foot” tallys during the season, even made a “No Foot for Pro Bowl” shirt!!! (Available at the BBR Store!)

Anyway… I had the opportunity to explain the story to Lindell on Saturday, and he thought it was hilarious. So I asked him to send a note to Uncle Josh… the creator of that moniker, and … the above is what he wrote.

Hilarious! Thanks No Foot!! 🙂

Can’t wait to do the first show of season three! Training camp is coming soon! We’ll have some interviews with players, reports from camp, and all sorts of fun things!