Estimated reading time: 1 minute(s) has been hosting my regular Bills column for the past year or so (I think I started writing just before the season began), but it was hosted on the message boards, and yesterday those received a (greatly anticipated) overhaul. What that also means is… my column there is (at least temporarily) gone.

Earlier this year, ALL of my posts prior to February (I believe) we automatically deleted by a script that was purging old posts!!! That was extremely frustrating, sad, etc… but I realized if I wanted to keep the stuff I was writing for posterity (or even just to link back to…) I would need to stash it somewhere else!

I created a page that has heretofore not been publicly linked, but since the other site is down (for an indefinite amount of time) I thought I’d link it for you.

To read my BBR @ column (what I have saved since February…) just go to:

Once I hear from, I’ll update the link in the main navigation above. For now, the back-up copy will have to do πŸ™‚


Hello again everyone…

The latest update is that the blog on the Bills website is no more… at least, not as it was.

They want me to post articles there, just as I have in the past, but just on the general message boards. Once the comments have died down, they will archive the articles to a special section where they will remain for all time.

Or at least for a while. πŸ™‚

So what I have decided to do is write the articles here, on our articles page (what it was originally set up to be!) and then post the text of the articles to message boards.

The articles I was able to save from over there from the past year (only seven… πŸ™ very sad…) have been integrated into this column, and are now archived safely. Wish I could have saved those other ones….

Oh well.

Thanks for reading, and GO BILLS!!!

(Please do feel free to comment on this page. Would love to hear from you.)

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