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Donte Whitner on the Buffalo Bills Review

Just finished posting the latest Buffalo Bills Review – with special guest, Donte Whitner! It was a blast! We talked about several Bills-related things, and Donte’s Team20 foundation.

Bills’ rookie WR James Hardy will be joining us later this week. Plenty of great stuff, even on the Bills bye week!

Stay tuned!

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Special Episodes of the BBR

You’ve undoubtedly noticed that we’ve been cranking out a good number of “special episodes” here this pre-season. That was planned, and the cool thing is, there are many more planned!

We’ve already recorded and published the episodes featuring Tom Calderone (from VH1, Bills fan, and BBR listener), the Ball Burglars, and Steve Christie. Hope you have enjoyed those as much as we have.

We have some great shows in the queue, including a few we can’t mention just yet (not officially scheduled). But there are two we do have scheduled. We will be putting out two shows during the bye week, featuring Donte Whitner and James Hardy. We contacted Donte through his Team20 Foundation, and connected with Hardy via that route as well. We’ll be talking with Donte (and James) about the work he does through Team20, and other community involvement, and of course… Bills football!

Stay tuned to the website, and our Facebook page, for more updates as they are available.

For the full list of special episodes, check the archive page.

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Share Your Thoughts on the Bills Off-Season Moves

You only have a few days left. We’ve gotten some emails, and a comment here on Dave’s post, but NO CALLS??? to the BBR Hotline? Craziness.

(716) 989-4180

We would love to hear from you, and respond on the show. Get your calls in, and you’re likely to make the show this time. 🙂 (Also, I’d like to see who reads this BBR News page… I know Dave does not….) 🙂

We’re just a little over a week away from Draft Day. Give us your thoughts on that as well, who the Bills might select, whom they might trade, etc. Should be an exciting couple weeks!

BBR is a show by Bills fans, for Bills fans. So let your voice be heard!

Go Bills!

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Show Schedule

Due to the bye, the show will be coming out later this week. There was no game to review from yesterday, so we’ll be recording on Wednesday this week, and the show will be posted by Thursday morning. You have a couple extra days to get your comments and questions in! E-mail us, or call the hotline at (716) 989-4180. We’ll have more time for the BBR Mailbag, so sound off!

Looking forward to the BBR Game Day! Stay tuned to this page for more information later this week!

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Major Technical Difficulties!

There is supposed to be a show up today (Show 3.09) but the audio was so bad I couldn’t do it. We’re working on re-doing the show, it should be up within the next day or two. Sorry for the inconvenience! Not sure what happened. We had problems up front, and then thought we got them straightened out, but when I listened to the recording, Dave & John had HUGE echo on them!

Until then, don’t forget to stop by the articles page for our thoughts on the Bills and the Cowboys game!

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Show(s) Coming Soon!

Hey folks! It’s the off-season, and I hope you are enjoying watching our team take shape! So many changes over the past two years, and actually, I am a fan of most of them. We’ll see what the other guys (and you!) think on the next show, which we will record next week some time. We’ll discuss all the off-season moves and talk about the draft coming up, and what spots the Bills might be looking to fill. Also, the NFL schedule will be released today, so we’ll talk about the Bills 2007 schedule, and some of the highlights of that.

Following the draft we’ll do one more off-season show, wrapping up the draft and looking ahead to training camp! It’s not that far away!

For now, though, the NHL playoffs begin tomorrow night and our Buffalo Sabres have a great chance to bring home the Stanley Cup this year!!! The good thing is, the Sabes could be playing through June… that only leaves a month until BILLS TRAINING CAMP BEGINS! That’s not much down time at all!

Go Buffalo!

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Coming Soon…

Hey folks
Just wanted to let you know that due to several factors this week, we’ll be doing the show on Thursday night, posting it by Friday morning this week. That will make the “review” part sorta old news… (stay tuned to my blog for my initial reaction to the game…) but it will make the preview part more fun! 🙂

And, with more holidays coming up, we’ll be altering the recording schedule for the rest of the season. Here’s what we’re planning…

Show 2.1.17 – Dec 22
Show 2.1.18 – Dec 29
Show 2.1.19 – Jan 5, 2007

We’ll try to stick to that… but no promises. 🙂

WHAT A WIN today though, eh???

Wow. Can’t wait to break it down with ya.

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Show Coming Tomorrow

Hey BBR Listeners!
Just got in from the 500 mile drive from visiting family in Ohio. Got to watch the game… WOW. We’ve got a WINNING STREAK!!! Yes! Check out the link I posted in the articles section. The full video of today’s game posted by a generous Bills fan blogger on the web. We’ll be doing the show tomorrow night. So will post by Tuesday morning. Get your comments in early.

Go Bills!