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Special Episodes of the BBR

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You’ve undoubtedly noticed that we’ve been cranking out a good number of “special episodes” here this pre-season. That was planned, and the cool thing is, there are many more planned!

We’ve already recorded and published the episodes featuring Tom Calderone (from VH1, Bills fan, and BBR listener), the Ball Burglars, and Steve Christie. Hope you have enjoyed those as much as we have.

We have some great shows in the queue, including a few we can’t mention just yet (not officially scheduled). But there are two we do have scheduled. We will be putting out two shows during the bye week, featuring Donte Whitner and James Hardy. We contacted Donte through his Team20 Foundation, and connected with Hardy via that route as well. We’ll be talking with Donte (and James) about the work he does through Team20, and other community involvement, and of course… Bills football!

Stay tuned to the website, and our Facebook page, for more updates as they are available.

For the full list of special episodes, check the archive page.