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Year’s End

Well, we have 30 minutes of this year left, and I just wanted to write a quick post to the ol’ blog… for no particular reason. I hope to post a few more things once the family is in bed and the house is quiet. We’re just having a fairly “quiet” New Year’s celebration here at the Campbell home tonight (but you know how that goes with two boys ages 8 and 5…) 🙂

We got to watch FOOTBALL all day today. That was fun. Our Bills lost, which is never fun, but we’re already looking forward to next season! They should be a pretty fun team next year. And in the meantime, we’ve got the Sabres! Whoohooo!

It’s been an interesting year. Perhaps more interesting in this final month which saw a return to full-time singing (if only for a week), the loss of another baby (this time a little farther along, and quite unexpected), and some major pressure with an overload of business all at once (And somehow, a simultaneous bottom-dropping-out of the cashflow?) It’s been a rather long, hard month… which is a funny way to end a year.

Best thing about 2006? Has to be Julia Gayle. Born March 11, 2006… she’s just awesome. I love her a ton, and I feel like I barely know her. 🙂

I’ll see if I can put a little list of good (and bad?) things from 2006 up here in the next 24 hours or so. Seems the end-of-the-year sort of thing to do. 🙂

Hope you had a great 2006, and that you’re looking forward to 2007. It’s only 27 minutes away now… 🙂


Bills vs Titans

Alex is a Big Bills Fan

I’ve posted some photos from our trip to The Ralph last Sunday. The one above is of our five year old son, Alex, who just had an absolute blast. I put a movie up of him singing the shout song, too. Mom & Dad & Ian (8) and Alex (5) got to go. We had a fantastic time. They’re not the greatest photos, but if you’d like to see them, just click on Alex’s photo above.


Stephanie Sings The National Anthem

Nice! Steph LaBarge, our friend who sang the National Anthem at the San Diego game posted the video on YouTube! Sweet! Check it out! I think her husband, Dave did the editing… or at least some of it 🙂 He does great stuff too! (


Extra Links from Show 2.1.17 [12/22/06]

  • KC sent us this link to a funny Joey Harrington Video:

    St. Joe’s grad emerges as finalist in NFL’s “Pitch Us Your Idea For The Best Super Bowl Commercial Ever Seriously” contest

    PORTSMOUTH, NH—When the NFL announced it would be sponsoring the first-ever “Pitch Us Your Idea For The Best Super Bowl Commercial Ever Seriously” contest, Gino Bona was determined to create a concept and get his 30 seconds of fame.

    On November 17, Bona, born and raised in the Town of Tonawanda and a current New Hampshire resident, headed to Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey to present his concept. He was joined by several thousand contestants in East Rutherford as well as Dallas and Denver, the other audition cities.

    Bona had ninety seconds to present his concept, titled “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye.” The concept comically details the imminent depression football fans experience once the Super Bowl is over. It even showcased Bona’s singing ability as he sang parts of the classic Boyz II Men ballad sporadically through his pitch.

    The judging panel responded favorably to Bona’s concept and, last week, a league representative contacted Bona to tell him the good news: he was selected as one of 12 national finalists from thousands of entries.

    The grand prize winner will be determined by an executive advertising committee and online voting at The site includes profiles of all 12 finalists as well as video clips of their pitches.

    Online voting begins today and will run through January 7. The grand-prize includes a trip for two to Super Bowl XLI in Miami, and a chance to have the winning concept made into a commercial aired during the televised broadcast of Super Bowl XLI.

    “I want to win so Bills fans can have something to celebrate during a Super Bowl,” said Bona. “We’ve waited far too long for that.”

    For more information about this contest, please visit

  • Want some Christmas Music? (Greg’s music website) (Or, check us out at iTunes)

Food For Thought

Hey everyone, I didn’t get to see the game this week so I’m not going to review it. However Greg and I were talking and decided to post some important links concerning the playoff hunt and the (as I have now lovingly dubbed it) “Levy Factor.”

What do you guys think?

Who To Root For This Week

The Full Playoff Hunt

The Levy Factor
-The John

Show Schedule

Coming Soon…

Hey folks
Just wanted to let you know that due to several factors this week, we’ll be doing the show on Thursday night, posting it by Friday morning this week. That will make the “review” part sorta old news… (stay tuned to my blog for my initial reaction to the game…) but it will make the preview part more fun! 🙂

And, with more holidays coming up, we’ll be altering the recording schedule for the rest of the season. Here’s what we’re planning…

Show 2.1.17 – Dec 22
Show 2.1.18 – Dec 29
Show 2.1.19 – Jan 5, 2007

We’ll try to stick to that… but no promises. 🙂

WHAT A WIN today though, eh???

Wow. Can’t wait to break it down with ya.


Combos Commercial #1

Here’s the Combos commercial Dave was talking about. There are two, so I’ll post both here. They are pretty funny 🙂


Combos Commercial #2

Here’s the second one. 🙂

(How do they get the cheese inside there?) 🙂


The John Review – Week 12

“You suck! You suck!”

That was the chant from the entire stadium as the refs left the field this past Sunday. The 63,000 Bills fans did not feel their team had gotten a fair shake against the AFC’s elite San Diego Chargers.

They were not unjustified.

There were too few questionable calls that went Buffalo’s way. I understand I’m biased, but hear me out. The calls were so bad, as I walked back to the bus after the game I said to my friend, “I haven’t seen officiating that poor since the Super Bowl.” Then a random guy walking near me said, “You know it was the same guys right?”

I didn’t know that, and I was as unbiased as it got when it came to the Super Bowl. Let me give you an idea of the circus that was this past Sunday’s officiating: Chances are if you’re reading this you’ve had your ear talked off by the various bad calls, I want to highlight a basic call that was done in the worst possible way.

On the last play of the game, the Bills attempted the onside kick. After that play there was a long pause to see who actually had the ball. The official decided that the ball touched Sam Aiken’s foot on the 38 yard line and that it was San Diego’s ball. At first he said it was Buffalo’s ball, then said that was his mistake and said it was really San Diego’s ball then pointed definitively in the direction that would indicate it was Buffalo’s ball before another ref corrected him and he changed and pointed in the proper direction.

My point is, if you can’t keep track of which direction each team is going in, and who kicked to who, how can you expect to make the finer, more demanding calls, like pass interference when Josh Reed goes flying on his face before the ball gets to him and the defender has his head down and really has no idea where the ball is? You can’t.

Perhaps when you make as many mistakes as were made in that game you should be officiating something a little slower, like a shuffleboard match at your retirement home in Florida, instead of NFL games. I watched you blow the Super Bowl, I watched you blow this past week’s game, do everyone (except for Shcottenheimer and Cowert ) a favor, and retire.

Granted, the Bills are not without fault. The offense failed to produce in the first half against the Chargers defense, and their juiced up star, Shawne Merriman. My advice to JP (PP as we have now lovingly dubbed him) is if he would like to stay in Buffalo (and let’s face it, no other team will give him the chance we have) then he should stick around this off-season and practice throwing footballs in his back yard in the worst possible weather until he’s more comfortable than he is in the sun. BBR_Dave pointed out this week that Jim Kelly used to have his best days in this weather and that was another reason playing in Buffalo was so intimidating.

Speaking of which, I’m starting my official “Super Bowl in Buffalo!” campaign. When you think about it, name one good reason the Super Bowl can’t be in Buffalo? “Uh, Buffalo in February would be really cold and snowy.” Would be the most popular response. Well to that I say, quit being a childish little sissy and at least pretend like you’ve got a pair.

Football is a cold, grind it out, bad weather, show your true toughness kind of game, and no stadium represents that better than the Ralph. One could make the argument that the community was too cheap to put a roof on it, but I like to make the argument that domes are for sickly people and little girls. Only girly teams play in domes, and I’d rather be a bad manly team than win the Super Bowl as an embarrassing girly dome team. And if you’re a dome team in a fair weather city… how sad for you, I hope somebody much manlier slaps you purple.

Domes are the worst thing to happen to football since the New England Patriots Visa commercials (five layers of protection, bite me Tom Brady). Fans of dome teams sit around and politely debate the size of the flat screen TV to put in their guesthouses, while fans of much manlier teams chant, “you suck!” at incompetent refs, and collectively call Shawne Merriman a word represented by a member of the equine family.

So join me in the fight to bring the Super Bowl to Buffalo. If it is truly supposed to be a contest between the two toughest teams in the NFL, it should be held in the toughest stadium.

If you want a more detailed review of the game itself you should (if you haven’t already) check out this week’s show. Greg was nice enough to let me be a guest and give a more detailed review of the game itself. Plus (whether you want to hear me or not) you should listen to the show anyway because it’s a good show. Next week I want to be talking about a win against the J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets! Jets!

Go Bills!