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New BBR Writer

Thanks to his creative (and verbose) emails, Carpetbagger Dave – BBR listener and contributor – won the 1st annual Emailer of the Year award. His prize? He will soon be contributing to the BBR website! Stay tuned to the BBR Articles page for some entertaining, Bills-related postings.

BBR Guys Contests Fun

Another Chicken Wing Wager

Buffalo chicken wingsHello everyone. As mentioned on our show, John and I discussed wager possibilities and we settled on the following:

  • If the Bills lose by THREE TOUCHDOWNS (21 pts) or more to the Pats on Sunday 11/9, then Greg buys John wings.
  • If the Bills DO NOT lose by 21 pts or more, John buys Greg wings.

(21 pts?? Really???)

John’s prediction was that the Pats would actually win by 27 (37-10) so, 21 will be easy. (Ha!)

My point (Greg) is that we have no business suiting up for any of our remaining games in 2008 if we lose a game that we absolutely MUST win, against a team with at least as many injuries as we have, and who the Bills are at least as good as…. if we lose that game by TWENTY ONE POINTS???? That would be a disgrace.

So, I’d bet on me collecting some chicken wings on another silly, pessimistic prediction involving our Buffalo Bills. 🙂

Go Bills! Score me some wings! 🙂

Fun Show Schedule

Donte Whitner on the Buffalo Bills Review

Just finished posting the latest Buffalo Bills Review – with special guest, Donte Whitner! It was a blast! We talked about several Bills-related things, and Donte’s Team20 foundation.

Bills’ rookie WR James Hardy will be joining us later this week. Plenty of great stuff, even on the Bills bye week!

Stay tuned!

Fun Website Updates

Bandwidth Exceeded!

Hey folks. I just discovered this morning that we had exceeded our bandwidth for! The site was blocked by an automated script that shuts us down if we ever go over. Ordinarily we do not, but apparently, traffic is UP. That’s fantastic! Thanks for visiting, and keep coming. I hope that this will not only be the place you can grab our weekly (or more) shows but also get some great content from other Bills fan/writers, and links to other great Bills stuff… just a fun place to stop by for Bills fans!

Don’t forget that we have a “promote” page here where you can get graphics to include on your own website, or maybe emails. We’ll get a little form up there soon where you can let a friend know about the Buffalo Bills Review right from that page.

Also, tons of “fun” stuff at the fun page. (The BBR Guys predictions, some crazy fun Bills-related songs, a fairly regularly updated poll, and much more.

So thanks for visiting, listening, and let’s keep it going!

Go Bills!

BBR Guys Events Fun

Greg will be Live Blogging at!

Quick news flash here… Earlier in the summer, the Buffalo News asked us to contribute to a new site they wanted to start this football season, They are featuring our podcast, as well as my (Greg’s) articles and even a couple live chat events.

One of those is a live blog during the game. I will be moderating a few of those, along with some other folks. The schedule for those has been announced, and here are the games I will be moderating (which includes THIS Sunday!):

  • 9/21 1:00pm vs Oakland
  • 10/26 1:00pm at Miami
  • (the Bills @ Miami… not me)

  • 11/9 1:00pm at Patriots

It looks like I’ll be there 30 min prior to kickoff, so come on over and add your comments to the mix. It’ll be just like the BBR Game Day chat room, except, not in the BBR Game Day chat room.

See ya there.

BBR Guys Fun

Dave Meets Billy Buffalo

Dave, Marie, and Billy Buffalo

While we were at the night practice at St John Fisher College last Thursday, Dave was bumped out of the way by none other than BILLY BUFFALO! So we snapped a shot of Dave, and his wife Marie, posing with the beloved Bills mascot. Just thought we should share…

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BBR on Facebook

Hey folks. Quick note here to remind you that there is a BBR group on Facebook, and every once in a while (recently, at least) I have been trying to post pertinent links and info there. There’s a discussion board, and some other fun stuff there. So I just wanted to encourage your participation there if you are Facebook-inclined. 🙂

Here’s the link:

Come get interactive today!

BBR Listeners Fun Show Schedule

Share Your Thoughts on the Bills Off-Season Moves

You only have a few days left. We’ve gotten some emails, and a comment here on Dave’s post, but NO CALLS??? to the BBR Hotline? Craziness.

(716) 989-4180

We would love to hear from you, and respond on the show. Get your calls in, and you’re likely to make the show this time. 🙂 (Also, I’d like to see who reads this BBR News page… I know Dave does not….) 🙂

We’re just a little over a week away from Draft Day. Give us your thoughts on that as well, who the Bills might select, whom they might trade, etc. Should be an exciting couple weeks!

BBR is a show by Bills fans, for Bills fans. So let your voice be heard!

Go Bills!

BBR Guys Fun

A New Member of the Campbell Family

Emma Caroline is here
This is sort of BBR News by default (as I, Greg, am one of the voices of the BBR.) On March 13th, the Campbell family grew by one with the addition of another baby girl, Emma Caroline! She’s beautiful, and healthy, and so is Mom – and we are delighted! We like the name Emma, and Caroline is after her Grandma. She’s sleeping in her mom’s arms as I type this.

Just thought I’d make that little announcement here as it has certainly affected the frequency of updates to the BBR site over the past month or so! Starting to get back to a normal routine here in our house.

Check out the links page and click through to my blog and back around when she was born you can see a few more photos if you’d like.

Welcome Emma Caroline! (We’ll be introducing her to Bills football this summer! Another Bills fan is born!)