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A New Member of the Campbell Family

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Emma Caroline is here
This is sort of BBR News by default (as I, Greg, am one of the voices of the BBR.) On March 13th, the Campbell family grew by one with the addition of another baby girl, Emma Caroline! She’s beautiful, and healthy, and so is Mom – and we are delighted! We like the name Emma, and Caroline is after her Grandma. She’s sleeping in her mom’s arms as I type this.

Just thought I’d make that little announcement here as it has certainly affected the frequency of updates to the BBR site over the past month or so! Starting to get back to a normal routine here in our house.

Check out the links page and click through to my blog and back around when she was born you can see a few more photos if you’d like.

Welcome Emma Caroline! (We’ll be introducing her to Bills football this summer! Another Bills fan is born!)