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Buffalo Bills Review: Week 2

These Bills took the phrase "Squish the Fish" quite literally! The Defense was dominant in Week 2 against Miami.

These Bills took the phrase “Squish the Fish” quite literally! The Defense was dominant in Week 2 against Miami.

Good Stuff

The Bills were dominant on Sunday. I predicted as much, but it was nice to see it actually happen. The defense was stifling, only giving up ten points (and that, aided by questionable calls by the officials) to a team who scored 33 points one week earlier!

Special teams was also dominant: punt block, kick return TD, punts downed inside the 20-yard-line, and 17 points from the kicker! CJ Spiller was named the AFC Special Teams player of the week (Dan Carpenter received that honor in Week One!).

The offense is not half-bad, either, with EJ Manuel leading the league in completion percentage of passes of 20 yards or more in the air. (Yes, leading the league!) Sammy Watkins was wide open much of the day, and looked very worth the trade up to get him. (He was also named Rookie of the Week for Week 2!)

Another good thing about this Bills team is the way they respond. In the Bears game, whenever Chicago would come back to tie up the score, the Bills had an answer. Miami scored two times in the second half to get within six points of the Bills, but both times the Bills answered to extend their lead. (The second time they never looked back.)

This all happened on a day when Ralph Wilson Jr. was immortalized on his Wall of Fame in gold letters, Jim Kelly received a 90-second standing ovation, and every Buffalo football fan was euphoric from the news that a local family (with loads of cash) will be buying the team and keeping them here forever! (Or close to it…)

It was a GOOD week.

Bad Stuff

The Bills were dominant for the whole game, but they still had some trouble scoring in the Red Zone. The plays were there (two passes that could have, should have, gone for scores were missed or dropped). It will happen, but settling for field goals will not work against better offensive teams.

The only other bad might be injuries, but the good news there is that the Bills are one of the healthiest teams in the NFL so far this season. (When was the last time we said that?!) Sammy Watkins looks hurt every time he touches the ball, but he’s still making lots of plays. So it’s not that bad, right?

The Refs deserve honorable mention here with many questionable calls on the Dolphins only scoring drive. But… we won. So who cares?

Newsy Stuff


The nominees for the 2015 NFL Hall of Fame class were announced this week. More than a hundred names from football’s near and distant past, and several of them have ties to the Buffalo Bills. All-time favorites like Cornelius “Biscuit” Bennett, Darryl Talley, Steve Tasker and Fred Smerlas made the list, as did the late Kent Hull, who does not receive as much credit as perhaps he should for the success of those Bills teams of the 1990s. (Maybe he now will?)

Here are the nominees with Buffalo connections:

  • LB Cornelius Bennett
  • C Kent Hull
  • HC Chuck Knox
  • HC Lou Saban
  • NT Fred Smerlas
  • LB Chris Spielman
  • LB Darryl Talley
  • ST Steve Tasker
  • CB Troy Vincent
  • NT Ted Washington

In other news:

  1. The Bills are favored by 2.5 points over the “apparent favorite” Chargers. Due to their much greater success over the recent past, as well as last week’s win over Seattle (by 9 points) most are picking the visiting Chargers to win over the also-undefeated Buffalo Bills. But Las Vegas had them as 1-point favorites to start the week, and that has only increased all week, to the 2.5-point spread here on Friday night.
  2. The Chargers lost their starting RB Ryan Matthews for a few weeks, and have a list of players who were limited or did not practice this week that include several starters on the offensive line. The Bills on the other hand will be missing only two or three players this week, and have been relatively injury-free so far this season. That’s a welcome change from the past decade, or so, where it seems Buffalo generally has the worst of the injury bug in the whole of the NFL!

Crazy Stuff

Speaking of injuries… how crazy is it that Eric Wood was once thought of as injury-prone, but now we don’t give him a second thought as the rock, the core of the Bills rather solid offensive line? Crazy!

And how about all the hullaballoo regarding the ineptitude of the Bills starting QB before this season. Calls for EJ Manuel‘s head (or at least his position on the roster) were frequently and vociferously shouted wherever they might be heard. But after two weeks of arguably much more than “game management” (see stat above, and his 7.8 yards/attempt) Manuel has almost completely silenced his critics—after just two weeks! Crazy!

Up Next: San Diego Chargers

369px-San_Diego_Chargers_logo.svgThe Chargers just beat the Seahawks. (Yes, those Seahawks.) It took a nearly-perfect game from their offense, but it worked, and they won. Can they do that here? They were 5-3 on the road last year, including many wins in the Eastern US. And they won a playoff game in Cincy. They’re not afraid of the eastern time zone.

The Chargers will definitely be a challenge. Philip Rivers has a greater than two to one touchdowns-to-interceptions ratio over his career, and I believe last year threw 32 TDs to only 11 INTs. That’s impressive. He is definitely no Jay Cutler (who is happy to share the ball with his opponents). But the bottom line from my view of their win last week: they were nearly flawless. Seattle didn’t play badly, San Diego made every play they had a chance to make. That does not happen every week. It really can’t.

This game is important. Later in the year, we might be kicking ourselves if we don’t get this win at home against a team we will likely be battling for a wild card spot. (Unless we win our division of course!)

Buffalo’s defense, at home, with a mistake-free offense… (the Chargers apparently have a very good run defense, so it will be interesting to see what Buffalo’s very good run offense can do against them) the Bills have a great chance of taking advantage of this September game on their home field and finishing with the victory, going 3-0 for the second time since 2011.

(More on the differences between 2011 and 2014 next week, if in fact my prediction is accurate…)

Bills Win: 31-27

This may be a weekly series of very short reviews of the Buffalo Bills 2014 season, game by game. Or it may not. Stay tuned!

Greg's Weekly Picks NFL Playoffs

Greg’s NFL Weekly Picks: Playoffs

LAST WEEK: 10-6 :: OVERALL: 160-95-1 (62.5%)

The season has come to a close, and with a rather mediocre showing in the final two weeks, my record as a prognosticator is equally mediocre. Much like my favorite football team!

Looking ahead to the playoffs, I do see some interesting possible matchups.

First off, this wildcard weekend. I actually think all four wild card teams will win their games. Has that ever happened before? All four wild-card, road teams winning? Probably not. But that speaks to the caliber of those four divisions, NFC West, NFC North, AFC West, and even AFC East. I think all four of their opponents are better than they are.

If that happens, that sets up interesting divisional round games. All four would be divisional matchups! (Again, has that ever happened before??) Indy @ Tennessee, Baltimore @ Pittsburgh, Philly @ NY Giants, and Atlanta @ Carolina. What a great set of games! Those are much harder to pick, to be sure, but I really like the momentum the Colts have, and I see a rematch of the game a couple weeks ago at the Meadowlands on the NFC side.

So, Indy at Pittsburgh, and Carolina at New York… again, a great weekend of football. Both should be very good games. (Even if Baltimore somehow manages to upset Pittsburgh the week before… would be a good matchup of both Baltimore franchises.)

In the end, defense (and enough offense) wins. Pittsburgh will play the defending Super Bowl Champion New York Giants for the Lombardi Trophy in February. That will be a great game as well… I’d have to give the nod to the Giants and their crazy unstoppable running game in that one. But Pittsburgh has found a way to win all the games they needed to this year. So, you never know.

Let the playoffs begin!

(And for the Bills… there’s always next year. Which, is really true for us. There is ALWAYS next year…)

Greg's Weekly Picks

Greg’s NFL Week 17 Picks

LAST WEEK: 10-6 :: OVERALL: 150-89-1

The final week of the season (following a busy week of holiday fun!) is imminent. All sixteen games will be played on Sunday. And there are several games that will affect the playoffs, making it a very interesting week indeed.

Kansas City (2-13) at Cincinnati (3-11-1)

Could the Bengals win three in a row to end the season? Nah. Look for KC to win on the road. WINNER: Kansas City.

Detroit (0-15) at Green Bay (5-10)

Detroit can make history… or avoid it. I think they’d prefer the latter, and may play hard enough to make that happen. WINNER: Detroit

New England (9-6) at Buffalo (7-8)

The Bills have lost 10 in a row to the Pats. The Pats need to win to make the playoffs. Not a good formula for a Bills win. Still… I just have a feeling the players will be loose enough to win… WINNER: Buffalo

Chicago (9-6) at Houston (7-8)

Chicago needs to win the playoffs… but Houston might be better. WINNER: Houston

NY Giants (12-3) at Minnesota (9-6)

The Giants have wrapped up home field advantage, and Minnesota needs to win. That’s a recipe for… WINNER: Minnesota

Cleveland (4-11) at Pittsburgh (11-4)

Um… WINNER: Pittsburgh

Oakland (4-11) at Tampa Bay (9-6)

Tampa Bay needs to win, and Oakland is playing for next season. Should be an easy one. WINNER: Tampa Bay

Carolina (11-4) at New Orleans (8-7)

New Orleans is tough at home, but Carolina wants to win the division. Breaking the streak of the home NFC South teams winning… WINNER: Carolina

Tennessee (13-2) at Indianapolis (11-4)

Maybe the hottest team in the NFL right now? Going with the hot team. WINNER: Indianapolis

St. Louis (2-13) at Atlanta (10-5)

Atlanta would still like to win their division, too… WINNER: Atlanta

Washington (8-7) at San Francisco (6-9)

My head says San Francisco wins this one, but Washington beat Philly last weekend… WINNER: Washington

Seattle (4-11) at Arizona (8-7)

Wouldn’t it be weird if Arizona finished 8-8? Very possible, but going with the favorite here. WINNER: Arizona

Jacksonville (5-10) at Baltimore (10-5)

A dismal season comes to a merciful end for the Jags. WINNER: Baltimore

Miami (10-5) at NY Jets (9-6)

Miami wins, they take the East. For some reason, I have a feeling the Jets will play one more good game this season and end up on top. They’ll also be rooting hard for the Bills in the earlier game… WINNER: NY Jets

Dallas (9-6) at Philadelphia (8-6-1)

Philly still has an outside chance at the Playoffs, and I like the cold-weather team in late December. WINNER: Philadelphia

Denver (8-7) at San Diego (7-8)

Denver had a three game lead with three games left, but a determined SD team could take the division with a win at home. WINNER: San Diego


Buffalo stands a chance to not only end the streak o losses to to New England, but knock them out of the playoffs in the process. They looked pretty decent last weekend, but if they give up 500 yards to the Pats this week, they will not look very decent on the scoreboard.

Fun to see so many key divisional matchups that actually matter this weekend. Looking forward to seeing the games!

Go Bills!

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Greg's Weekly Picks

Greg’s NFL Week 16 Picks

LAST WEEK: 12-4 :: OVERALL: 140-83-1

Can you really believe how short the NFL season is? Baseball spans most of the year. Hockey seems to as well. Basketball is definitely not short. But the NFL season is a mere 17 weeks long. Seems to always go by WAY too quickly.

I’m getting better as the weeks go along. But there are some seriously difficult picks this weekend! Let’s take a look.

Indianapolis (10-4) at Jacksonville (5-9)

Any other year, this would have been a tough pick. And it ended up being a close game. But the Colts are streaking, and the Jags are not. And Manning seems to be able to overcome any weaknesses his team has. WINNER: Indianapolis.

Baltimore (9-5) at Dallas (9-5)

This is a really good matchup. Two very good defenses. One great. And two offenses that can score when they need to, edge to Dallas there. Hmm. Really tough. Both teams want it, too. I just think Dallas has been too erratic this season. WINNER: Baltimore

San Diego (6-8) at Tampa Bay (9-5)

San Diego still has talent, but west coast teams are still not doing well on the east coast this season, and Tampa still has a great defense. WINNER: Tampa Bay

New Orleans (7-7) at Detroit (0-14)

Detroit is well on its way to 0-16. Drew Brees in a dome? Yeah. WINNER: New Orleans

Miami (9-5) at Kansas City (2-11)

Miami has a great shot at winning the AFC East only one season after going 1-15! WINNER: Miami

Arizona (8-6) at New England (9-5)

West coast team playing at East coast team… AFC East rolls on. WINNER: New England

San Francisco (5-9) at St. Louis (2-12)

Two teams playing for next season. WINNER: San Francisco

Pittsburgh (11-3) at Tennessee (12-2)

Game of the week. Could be a preview of the AFC Championship. (Gotta leave room for Indy.) In the end, Pittsburgh is better overall. Defense equals Tennessee’s, offense is better. WINNER: Pittsburgh

Cincinnati (2-11-1) at Cleveland (4-10)

Not been a good year for Ohio. Going with the hot team. Bengals win their second straight. WINNER: Cincinnati

NY Jets (9-5) at Seattle (3-11)

The Jets have been struggling the last several weeks. Should have lost to the Bills last week, but for JP Losman and Dick Jauron. I think they will struggle on the road against Seattle, and could lose. Jets are the safe pick, but… WINNER: Seattle

Houston (7-7) at Oakland (3-11)

Houston has been playing well. And now they get to play Oakland. WINNER: Houston

Buffalo (6-8) at Denver (8-6)

Not sure the talent is two games different (like their records) but Buffalo does not do well in cold, and they are the ones traveling, and Denver can win their division with a win. The Bills just don’t beat playoff teams, no matter how suspect. However, in the Bills favor, they are getting Edwards back, and Lynch has been running really well – and the Broncos defense is atrocious. This one really could go either way. I think I’ve landed on… WINNER: Buffalo

Atlanta (9-5) at Minnesota (9-5)

Another pretty good game here. Two teams playing well. Can Atlanta stop Peterson? Can Minnesota stop Ryan? Going with the home team. WINNER: Minnesota

Philadelphia (8-5-1) at Washington (7-7)

NFC East battles are always fun. Philly is back, and Washington seems to be fading. WINNER: Philadelphia

Carolina (11-3) at NY Giants (11-3)

Another great game! Both teams have had fantastic years, but Giants are on a bit of a slide. I am going with the upset. WINNER: Carolina

Green Bay (5-9) at Chicago (8-6)

Green Bay started out well. WINNER: Chicago


Bills could win their last game of the season this week. Here’s hopin…

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Greg's Weekly Picks

Greg’s NFL Week 15 Picks

LAST WEEK: 12-4 :: OVERALL: 128-79-1

If not for my BILLS, I could have had the highest total of wins on the season last week. But, they had to prove who they really are. And apparently, they ARE that bad. We’ll see what this off-season brings. I still think they are just a few “tweaks” away. (Which could include a new coach…)

Only three weeks of the NFL season to go! Let’s see how week 15 might shape up…

New Orleans (7-6) at Chicago (7-6)

New Orleans actually put up a better fight than I thought they would, but in the end, I went with the home team who has Matt Forte. And I was right. WINNER: Chicago.

Tennessee (12-1) at Houston (6-7)

This may surprise some, but with Matt Schaub back at QB, and the Texans playing better overall, and playing at home (where they play well) … I’m going with the upset. WINNER: Houston

Washington (7-6) at Cincinnati (1-11-1)

There was a day when this game wasn’t so laughable. But, that was a long time ago. WINNER: Washington

Detroit (0-13) at Indianapolis (9-4)

Ugh. Two teams going in COMPLETELY opposite directions. WINNER: Indianapolis (by 31!)

San Diego (5-8) at Kansas City (2-11)

San Diego is clinging to division title hopes… WINNER: San Diego

San Francisco (5-8) at Miami (8-5)

Seriously, can they win three in a row against the AFC East?? Not on the east coast. WINNER: Miami

Buffalo (6-7) at NY Jets (8-5)

Unfortunately, with not much to play for (and Edwards not ready to go) the Bills should lose by 10 points or more. WINNER: NY Jets

Seattle (2-11) at St. Louis (2-11)

One of these teams will reach three wins! WINNER: St. Louis

Green Bay (5-8) at Jacksonville (4-9)

Both of these teams have had very different years than they expected to. Both had great seasons a year ago, and have been very unpredictable this year. I’m just going with the home team, though I’ll probably be wrong, since they are so unpredictable! WINNER: Jacksonville

Tampa Bay (9-4) at Atlanta (8-5)

A second straight big division clash for the Buccaneers. They will want to rebound from losing a close one with the Panthers, but the home teams are something like 11-0 in the NFC South this year. So… WINNER: Atlanta

Minnesota (8-5) at Arizona (8-5)

This should be a really interesting game. Minnesota still has their behemoth tackles, so Arizona will have to pass. But that is what they do best. Arizona has a decent defense, but can they stop Adrian Peterson? Tarvaris Jackson will start. I’m going with the Cards, as they typically play much better at home. They still have an outside chance at the number two seed in the NFC, too. WINNER: Arizona

Denver (8-5) at Carolina (10-3)

Denver has been so erratic this season, it’s hard to pick them. But against the consistently good Panthers, two time zones away… WINNER: Carolina

Pittsburgh (10-3) at Baltimore (9-4)

Game of the week here. Baltimore lost the first match up in PA earlier this season. Both teams are playing great football. Don’t want to miss this one. Steelers are still the better team overall. WINNER: Pittsburgh

New England (8-5) at Oakland (3-10)

New England plays its second straight west coast game. (Against far inferior competition.) But, the Raiders have beaten the Jets, and played the Bills and Dolphins in very tight games – down to the last seconds… Still… can you really pick the Raiders? WINNER: New England

NY Giants (11-2) at Dallas (8-5)

This game really could be good. NFC East games always are. Dallas wants it more, perhaps, but they are a mess. And, NY will not lose back to back division games. (Although Jacobs being out could hurt…) WINNER: NY Giants

Cleveland (4-9) at Philadelphia (7-5-1)

Philly is back to playing good football. Cleveland is bad. WINNER: Philadelphia


Some really good divisional matchups this weekend! Wish the Bills game was one of them…

Oh well. There’s always next year. (That’s been uttered by Bills fans for 10 straight seasons now!)

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Greg's Weekly Picks

Greg’s NFL Week 14 Picks

LAST WEEK: 9-7 :: OVERALL: 116-75-1

After a very mediocre week 13 (especially thanks to two late changes – Washington and Green Bay, but also thanks to an incorrectly published pick, Atlanta over San Diego) … I am starting to think I should just give up for this year!

But I press on. Here’s how week 14 might turn out.

Oakland (3-9) at San Diego (4-8)

Why are these Thursday Night games so easy to pick? WINNER: San Diego.

Atlanta (8-4) at New Orleans (6-6)

Big NFC South divisional matchup. New Orleans needs to win. WINNER: New Orleans

Minnesota (7-5) at Detroit (0-12)

Can Detroit win a game? Something tells me this is their best chance of their remaining schedule. WINNER: Minnesota

Houston (5-7) at Green Bay (5-7)

Two teams that are hard to figure out, but gotta give the nod to the home, cold-weather team. WINNER: Green Bay

Jacksonville (4-8) at Chicago (6-6)

It would be surprising if the Jags could finish this game with more points than the Bears. They seem to have packed it in already. WINNER: Chicago

Cincinnati (1-10) at Indianapolis (8-4)

Not long ago this would have been a very exciting game. Lots of offense. This time, it will be one-sided. WINNER: Indianapolis

Philadelphia (6-5-1) at NY Giants (11-1)

I still can’t figure why the Giants have only one loss. (And that was to Cleveland!) But Philly won’t stop them. WINNER: NY Giants

Cleveland (4-8) at Tennessee (11-1)

Tennessee gets a “patsy” for a second straight week. WINNER: Tennessee

New England (7-5) at Seattle (2-10)

Buffalo would like some help from Seattle, and the Pats are going all the way across the country, but… WINNER: New England

NY Jets (8-4) at San Francisco (4-8)

Can the 49ers beat a team from the AFC East for a second straight week? WINNER: NY Jets

Kansas City (2-10) at Denver (7-5)

One of KC’s two wins was against Denver earlier this season. Denver just shellacked the Jets. Yeah… WINNER: Denver

Miami (7-5) at Buffalo (6-6)

In the first ever NFL regular season game in Canada, the Bills are in a must-win situation, with their starting QB sitting on the bench. Still, can’t go against my team. WINNER: Buffalo

Dallas (8-4) at Pittsburgh (9-3)

This could be a good game, because Dallas can score points quickly. But look for the Steelers D to dominate Big D. WINNER: Pittsburgh

St. Louis (2-10) at Arizona (7-5)

Can Arizona finally win their division this week??? The answer is yes. WINNER: Arizona

Washington (7-5) at Baltimore (8-4)

Which team is the home team here? Both should feel at home. WINNER: Baltimore

Tampa Bay (9-3) at Carolina (9-3)

Another great NFC South matchup. This one is for the division lead. Tough call. Really could go either way, so I almost always give the edge to the home team there. WINNER: Carolina


Bills fans are rooting for Seattle, San Francisco, Cincinnati and Washington (sorta). And, of course, the Bills. That would be a great weekend!!

Here’s hopin…
Go Bills!

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Greg's Weekly Picks

Greg’s NFL Week 13 Picks

LAST WEEK: 10-6 :: OVERALL: 107-68-1

This is late getting up, but it’s been a full week with the holiday and Black Friday and all.. 🙂 Ha! Last week was not so good, I maintain that this has been one of the craziest NFL seasons. Very difficult to predict what will happen as any team can beat any other team so far this year, including undefeated teams!

Let’s take a look at week 13.

Tennesee (10-1) at Detroit (0-11)

This was not going to be a game anyway, but got worse when Tennessee lost the week before. WINNER: Tennessee.

Seattle (2-10) at Dallas (7-4)

Why were there such bad games for Thanksgiving? WINNER: Dallas

Arizona (7-4) at Philadelphia (5-5-1)

Should have gone with my gut on this one. Arizona is awful on the road, especially the east coast. WINNER: Arizona

Miami (6-5) at St. Louis (2-9)

Miami is playing well, and St. Louis is not. Strange, but true. WINNER: Miami

NY Giants (10-1) at Washington (7-4)

Washington wants to make ammends for a poor week one performance, Portis is playing. WINNER: NY Giants

New Orleans (6-5) at Tampa Bay (8-3)

Defense wins championships, and games. WINNER: Tampa Bay

Carolina (8-3) at Green Bay (5-6)

Green Bay played well, despite the score, last week. Home team wins in late November. WINNER: Green Bay

Indianapolis (7-4) at Cleveland (4-7)

Cleveland lost their starting QB, and Indy’s keeps getting better. WINNER: Indianapolis

Baltimore (7-4) at Cincinnati (1-9)

Baltimore is playing well on offense, too. Shouldn’t have any problem here. WINNER: Baltimore

San Francisco (3-8) at Buffalo (6-5)

Buffalo should have no problem here, either. It is the return of Clements and Spikes. That should be fun. WINNER: Buffalo

Atlanta (7-4) at San Diego (4-7)

Atlanta will surprise a beatable Chargers team. WINNER: Atlanta

Kansas City (1-10) at Oakland (3-8)

This game is almost impossible to pick, because BOTH are so bad! Chiefs are playing better. WINNER: Kansas City

Pittsburgh (8-3) at New England (7-4)

Surprisingly good game here, can the Steelers defense win the game for them? Yes. WINNER: Pittsburgh

Denver (6-5) at NY Jets (8-3)

The JETS beat the TITANS??? Yikes. Denver shouldn’t have a chance here. WINNER: NY Jets

Chicago (6-5) at Minnesota (6-5)

Classic NFC North battle. Home team wins. WINNER: Minnesota

Jacksonville (4-7) at Houston (4-7)

Both of these teams have had tough seasons. They are better than their records indicate, but have had their struggles. Jags have a great running game when they can get it going. WINNER: Jacksonville


Bills fans are rooting for St. Louis, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Denver and Pittsburgh. And, the Bills. That would be a great weekend!

Go Bills!

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Greg's Weekly Picks

Greg’s NFL Week 12 Picks

LAST WEEK: 11-4-1 :: OVERALL: 97-62-1

A tie! Has been 6 years since the last time that happened, and this time, it fooled one of the games best quarterbacks. Have you heard that? Eagles QB Donovan McNabb said after the game that he was unaware that a game could end in a tie. Wow. You’d think that one of the premier players in the league might actually know the rules! (Especially when my seven year old knows that!!)

On to the picks for this week…

Cincinnati (1-8) at Pittsburgh (7-3)

Cincinnati was a bit better than expected, but really… no one expected much anyway. So it wasn’t hard. WINNER: Pittsburgh.

Tampa Bay (7-3) at Detroit (0-10)

It really does seem this team might go 0-16. WINNER: Tampa Bay

Houston (3-7) at Cleveland (4-6)

Game could go either way, but Houston has been more impressive in their mediocrity this season. WINNER: Houston

San Francisco (3-7) at Dallas (6-4)

Remember when this game was a highlight of the NFL season? WINNER: Dallas

Philadelphia (5-4-1) at Baltimore (6-4)

Philly may not know all the rules, but the Ravens looked awful against another NFC East team last week. WINNER: Philadelphia

Minnesota (5-5) at Jacksonville (4-6)

This could be a really good game… two power running teams, and good defenses. Jags are home. Vikes haven’t overly impressed. WINNER: Jacksonville

New England (6-4) at Miami (6-4)

Do you really think Belichick will lose twice to them in one season? WINNER: New England

Tennessee (8-0) at Chicago (5-3)

This game is actually kind of tough to pick. Give the edge to Tennessee because Chicago is starting Rex Grossman. WINNER: Tennessee

Chicago (5-5) at St. Louis (2-8)

St. Louis had three good games… but I don’t expect any more. WINNER: Chicago

NY Jets (7-3) at Tennessee (10-0)

If the J-E-T-S are the “second best” team in the AFC, then the AFC is really, really bad. WINNER: Tennessee

Buffalo (5-5) at Kansas City (1-9)

The Bills finally get a chance to beat up on somebody. WINNER: Buffalo

Oakland (2-8) at Denver (6-4)

Oakland (the players) really is much better than their record, but this game is in Denver (who probably aren’t as good as their record…) WINNER: Denver

Washington (6-4) at Seattle (2-8)

Everyone likes playing the NFC West this year. But I have a funny feeling about this one. WINNER: Seattle

NY Giants (9-1) at Arizona (7-3)

I know the Giants just made the Ravens – a good team – look silly, but I just like the Cards chances. They really do play well at home. (But the Giants play well on the road…) Anyway… WINNER: Arizona

Carolina (8-2) at Atlanta (6-4)

Why are these two teams winning so many games? This one goes to the home team. WINNER: Atlanta

Indianapolis (6-4) at San Diego (4-6)

Manning is just too good to lose to this year’s Chargers. WINNER: Indianapolis

Green Bay (5-5) at New Orleans (5-5)

These teams are both 5-5 for a reason. They’re pretty good, but unpredictable. I’ll probably get this wrong, but going with the home team and the offense. WINNER: New Orleans.


Time for the Bills to get back on track. Chiefs defense is really not great… Bills may have gotten the running game untracked… let’s hope it all comes together!

Go Bills!

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Greg's Weekly Picks

Greg’s NFL Week 11 Picks

LAST WEEK: 10-4 :: OVERALL: 86-58

Another full week for me has made me question how I ever thought I could post an NFL picks article every week? 🙂 But, here are the picks I made for week eleven. Week ten went very well, and week eleven is off to a good start (1-0) … maybe this is the week I go 16-0? Let’s hope so!

Here are the picks:

NY Jets (6-3) at New England (6-3)
Denver (5-4) at Atlanta (6-3)
Baltimore (6-3) at NY Giants (8-1)
Minnesota (5-4) at Tampa Bay (6-3)
Oakland (2-7) at Miami (5-4)
Detroit (0-9) at Carolina (7-2)
Philadelphia (5-4) at Cincinnati (1-8)
Chicago (5-4) at Green Bay (4-5)
New Orleans (4-5) at Kansas City (1-8)
Houston (3-6) at Indianapolis (5-4)
St. Louis (2-7) at San Francisco (2-7)
Arizona (6-3) at Seattle (2-7)
Tennessee (9-0) at Jacksonville (4-5)
San Diego (4-5) at Pittsburgh (6-3)
Dallas (5-4) at Washington (6-3)
Cleveland (3-6) at Buffalo (5-4)


A couple games of interest in week 11… definitely Baltimore at NY Giants (a Super Bowl rematch) should be a great defensive game. I expect the Ravens to stun NFL fans by pulling out the victory there. In previous years, Tennessee at Jacksonville would be a great game, I just don’t know which Jags team will show up. Obviously the MNF game is exciting to Bills fans… will we finally see another Bills win? Dallas @ Washington features the return of Tony Romo… should be a good game. Also, San Diego at Pittsburgh could be an exciting AFC matchup.

But in the end… all that needs to be said is…

Go Bills!

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Greg's Weekly Picks

Greg’s NFL Week 10 Picks

LAST WEEK: 7-7 :: OVERALL: 76-54

This is a bit late getting out this week, but it has been one of the busiest weeks in recent memory. In fact, we’re so late that one of these games has already passed… and I’m already 0-1!!! (I’m not sure it’s a wise move to place any wagers based on my predicted NFL outcomes….) 🙂

Here’s a quick peak at Week 10 of the NFL season!

Buffalo (5-3) at New England (5-3)

Two of the three first-place AFC East teams square off in a stadium in which the Bills have never been victorious (0-6 at Gillette stadium) and the Pats have won 9 in a row against the Bills, and 14 of the last 15. It has definitely been a one-sided match for quite a while. The Bills have been close in many of those games, but have never managed to win. But as predicted pre-season, the Bills are poised to break that streak. They know that if they want to be a playoff team, they have to beat the Pats. Injuries will make that harder, but the Pats are banged up themselves. Look for a strong running game (first of the season) and a win in the turnover column… translating to a big Bills victory! WINNER: Buffalo.

Denver (4-4) at Cleveland (3-4)

It’s obviously too late to be “predicting” this one, but you’ll notice that my prediction was, in fact, wrong. This was a difficult game to predict as the Browns were starting a “rookie” QB in Brady Quinn, but on the other hand, the Broncos have been playing pretty poorly – particularly on defense. So, I went with the home team, who actually led most of the game, but in the end, Denver won 34-30. Nice come back. Too bad for me. 0-1 to start the week. WINNER: Cleveland

Baltimore (5-3) at Houston (3-5)

Really great defense vs. a pretty good offense, and probably a better overall team, who play well at home… but I gotta go with the amazingly strong defense. Home or away, doesn’t matter. WINNER: Baltimore

St. Louis (2-6) at NY Jets (5-3)

I really want to pick the Rams. We (Bills fans) need the Rams to win, that’d be great. But the Jets are just a better team, and should pull out the victory at home, barring some sort of implosion. WINNER: NY Jets

Green Bay (4-4) at Minnesota (4-4)

Green Bay should have beaten Tennessee last week, and though this division contest should be tough… expect Green Bay to get the win. WINNER: Green Bay

Seattle (2-6) at Miami (4-4)

Seattle is bad. Unfortunately for Bills fans… Miami – playing at home – goes a game above .500 this week! WINNER: Miami

Jacksonville (3-5) at Detroit (0-8)

Jacksonville just can’t lose a third straight game that they are supposed to win. WINNER: Jacksonville

Tennessee (8-0) at Chicago (5-3)

This game is actually kind of tough to pick. Give the edge to Tennessee because Chicago is starting Rex Grossman. WINNER: Tennessee

New Orleans (4-4) at Atlanta (5-3)

Another division game. Very tough to call, but let’s go with red-hot Atlanta at home. WINNER: Atlanta

Carolina (6-2) at Oakland (2-6)

One of these teams is much better than the other… WINNER: Carolina

Kansas City (1-7) at San Diego (3-5)

Same as above… San Diego has just not been playing up to par. Still… WINNER: San Diego

Indianapolis (4-4) at Pittsburgh (6-2)

As much as I’ll be rooting for Indy in this game… Pittsburgh is just too tough for this weakened Colts team. WINNER: Pittsburgh

NY Giants (7-1) at Philadelphia (5-3)

It actually surprises me how many people are picking the Eagles in this game. Westbrook is great, but the Giants team is better. WINNER: NY Giants

San Francisco (2-6) at Arizona (5-3)

This is the Monday night game?? Singletary doesn’t get his first win yet. Arizona wins. WINNER: Arizona


Lots of big divisional games this week. The season is more than half over, and stuff is starting to get interesting!

Go Bills! Beat the Pats!

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