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Greg’s NFL Week 17 Picks

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LAST WEEK: 10-6 :: OVERALL: 150-89-1

The final week of the season (following a busy week of holiday fun!) is imminent. All sixteen games will be played on Sunday. And there are several games that will affect the playoffs, making it a very interesting week indeed.

Kansas City (2-13) at Cincinnati (3-11-1)

Could the Bengals win three in a row to end the season? Nah. Look for KC to win on the road. WINNER: Kansas City.

Detroit (0-15) at Green Bay (5-10)

Detroit can make history… or avoid it. I think they’d prefer the latter, and may play hard enough to make that happen. WINNER: Detroit

New England (9-6) at Buffalo (7-8)

The Bills have lost 10 in a row to the Pats. The Pats need to win to make the playoffs. Not a good formula for a Bills win. Still… I just have a feeling the players will be loose enough to win… WINNER: Buffalo

Chicago (9-6) at Houston (7-8)

Chicago needs to win the playoffs… but Houston might be better. WINNER: Houston

NY Giants (12-3) at Minnesota (9-6)

The Giants have wrapped up home field advantage, and Minnesota needs to win. That’s a recipe for… WINNER: Minnesota

Cleveland (4-11) at Pittsburgh (11-4)

Um… WINNER: Pittsburgh

Oakland (4-11) at Tampa Bay (9-6)

Tampa Bay needs to win, and Oakland is playing for next season. Should be an easy one. WINNER: Tampa Bay

Carolina (11-4) at New Orleans (8-7)

New Orleans is tough at home, but Carolina wants to win the division. Breaking the streak of the home NFC South teams winning… WINNER: Carolina

Tennessee (13-2) at Indianapolis (11-4)

Maybe the hottest team in the NFL right now? Going with the hot team. WINNER: Indianapolis

St. Louis (2-13) at Atlanta (10-5)

Atlanta would still like to win their division, too… WINNER: Atlanta

Washington (8-7) at San Francisco (6-9)

My head says San Francisco wins this one, but Washington beat Philly last weekend… WINNER: Washington

Seattle (4-11) at Arizona (8-7)

Wouldn’t it be weird if Arizona finished 8-8? Very possible, but going with the favorite here. WINNER: Arizona

Jacksonville (5-10) at Baltimore (10-5)

A dismal season comes to a merciful end for the Jags. WINNER: Baltimore

Miami (10-5) at NY Jets (9-6)

Miami wins, they take the East. For some reason, I have a feeling the Jets will play one more good game this season and end up on top. They’ll also be rooting hard for the Bills in the earlier game… WINNER: NY Jets

Dallas (9-6) at Philadelphia (8-6-1)

Philly still has an outside chance at the Playoffs, and I like the cold-weather team in late December. WINNER: Philadelphia

Denver (8-7) at San Diego (7-8)

Denver had a three game lead with three games left, but a determined SD team could take the division with a win at home. WINNER: San Diego


Buffalo stands a chance to not only end the streak o losses to to New England, but knock them out of the playoffs in the process. They looked pretty decent last weekend, but if they give up 500 yards to the Pats this week, they will not look very decent on the scoreboard.

Fun to see so many key divisional matchups that actually matter this weekend. Looking forward to seeing the games!

Go Bills!

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