Free Agent Moves

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Bills fans tell us what you think of the Bill’s off-season moves…

Do you like them?
Are we spending our money in the right way?
What new player do you think will have the biggest impact in 08?

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Here’re my two on-par Canadian pennies.

Basically, so far so good, IMHO.

Hoping for some run-stuffing off the big men and a competent linebacking corps(though I’m guessing the only highlights there will come from a healthy, second-year Poz).

I think, though, the biggest(though barely ‘visible’) impact is going to come from the big, veteran TEs who’ve come on-board. The O’s not going to become the next greatest show on turf this season, but the passing efficiency and yardage should improve… and the FA TEs are going to be a big part of it – follow the bouncing ball:

1. We’re drafting a WR with our first pick(whether that’s the pick we’re currently sitting on or the one a little lower that we get for it). Evans and a hungry rookie will, at least, occupy opposing secondaries.

2. Marshawn’s gonna kick it into ‘Beast Mode’ and give us more reasons to cheer… which has the added benefit of opening up play-action opportunities.

3. We have a young QB who’s proven he can run a no-huddle… but I don’t think Turk‘s going to rush Trent’s development(why botch someone who’s providing the fans with a glimmer of hope?).

So the ball goes to…

Large, veteran, mid-range TEs.

Dinkin’ and dunkin’ may not be pretty, but it’ll spread out the pass offense the way some of the multi-receiver sets did last season. And it has the added bonus of being able to more easily be audibled into extra coverage…

Or, y’know, I could be completely wrong.

And I’m okay with that.

Go Bills!

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