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NHL Hockey is Back… with a QUADRUPLE-Header!

The 2009-2010 NHL season begins this Thursday, October 1st! We are looking forward to that here in the Campbell home. Our team (the Sabres) does not start until Saturday, but there will be plenty of hockey to watch before that!

I went to yesterday to see if they were carrying any opening night games, and was excited to see a double-header scheduled for Thursday night. Imagine my excitement when I kept reading!

6:30 Capitals at Bruins
10:00 Sharks at Avalanche

Noon Red Wings vs Blues (Helsinki, FIN)
3:00 Panthers vs Blackhawks (Stockholm, SWE)

Yes, folks, that’s right! A quadruple-header!! Awesome. Can’t wait.

Versus carries two or three NHL games per week during the season, but not usually four within 24 hours!



Buffalo Bills Season Begins Tonight!

The Bills take on the Patriots in the first game of the Monday Night Football double-header tonight. The Bills had a lackluster preseason (that’s putting it nicely) and thus many Bills fans have given up on the team before they have even played a down!

I, of course, being a BIG Bills Fan have not, and spelled out some of the reasons why in an article I published today at my page. The title? Just Who Are The 2009 Buffalo Bills Anyway?

We’ll find out tonight, I think. I’m hoping they’re the really fun, high-scoring team they could be. I’m neither optimistic nor pessimistic about that… mostly curious.

And excited that Bills football is here!

Go Bills!

(And if you’re a fellow Bills fan, or even just an NFL fan, do click the link to the Bleacher Report article. Don’t make me post it twice…) 😉