All Quiet on the Western (NY) Front 1

The ice has been silent for a couple months now. The offseason football personnel moves have been made, and practices have come and gone. The end of June brings near complete silence in the two worlds of professional sports in Buffalo, NY. In the 24/7/365 sports world that America seems […]

Are Buffalo Sports Eternally Doomed?

The Buffalo Sabres got their first win in five tries last night. It came by way of a(nother) great performance by goalie Ryan Miller. They have seven wins in this lockout-shortened season. Strangely, they are currently the worst team in the Eastern Conference, and yet they are only four points […]

End Of The Lindy Line 2

The Buffalo Sabres announced today that they have “relieved Lindy Ruff of his coaching duties”. That is the “nice” way of saying, “We fired him.” It’s been asked for, begged for, longed for, pined for, and even fully expected for a few seasons now. Sabres fans (and players?) have felt […]

It’s An Interesting Time To Be A Buffalo Sports Fan

If you follow sports, you know that Buffalo is more often the butt of a joke rather than a real “player” in whichever sport is being discussed. Whether that’s deserved, or not, that’s usually how it goes. They do bring it on themselves. Neither the Buffalo Bills, nor the Buffalo […]

NHL GameCenter – Free!

The NHL is once again offering a one-day only free preview of their NHL GameCenter package. For $19.95/mo or $159 for the whole season you can watch every NHL game, several at once, and they even have classic games and an archive of past games that you can peruse. It’s […]

Buffalo Sabres: 2010 Northeast Division Champs

I would like to acknowledge the recent accomplishment of my favorite hockey team, the Buffalo Sabres: winning the Northeast division of the Eastern Conference! Nice job, guys! For the past two years the Sabres have been just outside the top eight teams that make the playoffs (only missing by a […]

Last Night in Pittsburgh…

Last night the Buffalo Sabres were the visiting opponent of the Pittsburgh Penguins in Pittsburgh, PA … USA. (The country is important here.) Prior to the game, the hosting team apparently showed a video replay of the overtime goal scored by—Pittsburgh Penguin superstar, Sidney Crosby—and, though I’m certain they anticipated […]