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Thanks to his creative (and verbose) emails, Carpetbagger Dave – BBR listener and contributor – won the 1st annual Emailer of the Year award. His prize? He will soon be contributing to the BBR website! Stay tuned to the BBR Articles page for some entertaining, Bills-related postings.

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BBR Game! Oct 19th, vs San Diego

It’s time for the 2nd Annual BBR Game! We’ll be meeting up in the southwest corner of the northeast lot. (The lot closest to the stadium.) We’re planning to be making wings (Greg’s famous wings) as well as some other great tailgating “cuisine”. Be sure to bring something to add to the mix.

We’ll be there no later than 10am, and plan to hang out till about noon when we’ll pack up and head in for a big Bills win!!

BBR celebrities will be there, including your BBR hosts, the Ball Burglar guys, Tom Calderone, and the infamous Sven from Germany! (Maybe we can even get a cameo appearance by JP Losman?)

We will not be recording the show in the parking lot following the game this year, but that gives y’all more time to get your calls and emails in after the game.

Click the map below for directions, and we’ll see ya out THIS SUNDAY at the BBR Game!

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BBR Listeners Business Website Updates

Click and Sign Up to Support BBR

Hey BBR listener/visitor.

I recently reconfigured our pages to include the banner ads at the top. Did you notice? 🙂 They are all services which we (at least, I, Greg) recommend. If you accept our recommendation, and click through the banner and sign up for the service or shop at the store or whatever… you will be supporting BBR. Most of it is small stuff, but some are bigger chunks. So, you get a great service (or perhaps do something you already do, like shop at Amazon?) and BBR gets paid. We fund the show out of our own pockets but this is a way you guys could easily help out!

If you are so inclined, click on a banner of interest and sign up for what they are offering. We’d be very appreciative.

Bills football is just around the corner! Go Bills!!!

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BBR on Facebook

Hey folks. Quick note here to remind you that there is a BBR group on Facebook, and every once in a while (recently, at least) I have been trying to post pertinent links and info there. There’s a discussion board, and some other fun stuff there. So I just wanted to encourage your participation there if you are Facebook-inclined. 🙂

Here’s the link:

Come get interactive today!

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Share Your Thoughts on the Bills Off-Season Moves

You only have a few days left. We’ve gotten some emails, and a comment here on Dave’s post, but NO CALLS??? to the BBR Hotline? Craziness.

(716) 989-4180

We would love to hear from you, and respond on the show. Get your calls in, and you’re likely to make the show this time. 🙂 (Also, I’d like to see who reads this BBR News page… I know Dave does not….) 🙂

We’re just a little over a week away from Draft Day. Give us your thoughts on that as well, who the Bills might select, whom they might trade, etc. Should be an exciting couple weeks!

BBR is a show by Bills fans, for Bills fans. So let your voice be heard!

Go Bills!

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BBR Game Day LIVE – Experience!

We have a multi-media extravaganza for you, folks! Most of you could not be there for our first ever BBR Game Day LIVE… (Sunday Oct 21, 2007 @ The Ralph) so we’re bringing it to you! Dave made a little video (annoyingly so during the recording of the show!!) and Jen took some photos which I put to the opening theme music of the BBR. I also uploaded some photos to our Facebook group, and uploaded the higher-quality versions of both videos below to our server. Click the appropriate links if you’d like to download the better versions.


Dave’s BBR Gameday Video

Photo Slideshow from BBR Gameday

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We Have A Winner!

Greg's Chicken Wings!Along with the Buffalo Bills first win comes a greatly anticipated secondary win — Greg gets his chicken wings!!!

That’s right! Buffalo avoids going 0-5 (though Dave was dangerously close in his prediction!!) and Greg will be getting a bucket of medium wings from Duffs!

Also, the PUNT Foundation will be receiving $150 from this little wager. Dave and D. Mahlitz ponied up $50 each, saying the Bills would go 0-5. John said on the show that even though he took the side of at least one win, he would still make the donation. Great idea!

We created a page where BBR listeners can donate to Brian’s foundation. You can even start your own fund raising page! If you’d like to make a donation, click this link:

Thanks for playing along! Go Bills!

BBR Listeners Contests

Drake’s Winless Challenge

Bucket of Chicken WingsAs you have heard on the show, Dave has made the outrageous claim that the Bills will start the season 0-5. Well, I challenged him to put his money where his mouth is. I bet him an order of chicken wings that the Bills would win at least ONE of their first five games. Later we upped it to a bucket. Bills win once in five games, Dave buys me chicken wings. They go 0-5, I buy Dave chicken wings.

Well, this week listener Joab called Dave out on the hotline, saying he’d like to get in on that 0-5 bet somehow, and Dave came up with a brilliant way to have some fun, and support a good cause, too!

Here’s what we’re going to do:

  • First, figure out if you can afford to wager a $50 donation to the P.U.N.T. Foundation. Please only play if you are willing to actually donate.
  • Then, decide which way you think the Bills record will go. 0-5, or anything else.
  • Click on the appropriate link below to email in your selection. If you choose 0-5, you are siding with Dave, If you think the Bills win at least one game, you are siding with Greg.

  • If you side with Dave and you win, Greg buys chicken wings for Dave, and you keep your $50. Those who side with Greg donate their $50 to the PUNT Foundation.
  • If you side with Dave and you LOSE, Dave buys Greg chicken wings, Dave also donates $50 to Brian Moorman’s PUNT Foundation, and you donate your $50 to the PUNT Foundation.

Get it? If you have questions, just e-mail us.

This is a great way to have some fun with Drake’s outrageous prediction, and to benefit a great cause, and some people who could really use the benefits the PUNT Foundation and Brian Moorman provide.

Good luck!


  • with GREG (Bills win at least one game)
    1. A. Critchell
    2. J. Dupra
    3. S. Heidmann
    4. J. Somerville
    5. A. Montes
  • with DAVE (Bills go 0-5 to start the season)
    1. D. Mahlitz

[maximum donation: $250!]

Keep it coming, guys!

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Join the BBR Team, Help Kids

Brian Moorman's Punt FoundationBills punter, Brian Moorman, joined us on the Bills Review today (another special edition BBR, available here) and we learned that not only is his foundation doing great things for children who have cancer, and their families… we can help out pretty easily too!

Anyone is able to donate, or join the Kicking for Kids 2007 campaign where you pledge to donate any amount of money per kick downed inside the 20. Last year Brian had 33, so if you pledge $1 per kick, that’s $33 at the end of the year. But another pretty cool feature is setting up your own PUNT Foundation fund raising page!

So, we have done that for the Buffalo Bills Review!

Click the little graphic at the top right of this entry, and head over there and donate, or join our fund raising team by clicking the “Join this team” link in the right-hand column. You can make your own page where family, friends, co-workers, anyone can donate to a good cause.

I have set a goal of $1000 to be raised by the collective BBR listeners. I’m sure we can do that. Let’s blow that away!

For more information on the PUNT Foundation, visit Brian’s site:

BBR Listeners BBR Merchandise Business

New BBR T-Shirts!

Pink BBR Shirts!Yes folks, they are finally here! You can order your very own Buffalo Bills Review T-shirts. Printed when you order in Geneseo, NY by LPTees. They do quality work for a decent price.


We have a few options for these t-shirts. You can purchase either the design with the larger full-color logo on the front (the samples we were sent are missing the white outline, but you will get the correct version), or you can select the smaller, 2-color logo on the pocket. The back is the same on both shirts. (Pictured on the Navy photo to the right.) The other option you then have is the color. You can choose pink (I believe it’s Azalea, actually) or Navy Blue.

Shirts are also avilable in multiple sizes. Youth small, medium and large. Adult small, medium, large and extra large. (Bigger sizes are also available, please click on the “additional charges” button, and add one charge (it’s just a dollar) per larger shirt ordered.)

Navy Blue BBR Shirts!Shipping is also an issue, with BBR listeners being distributed around the globe. We will include four options below. Two domestic (US) and two international rates. Please choose the correct one and add it to your cart. This is the best (easiest) way to do this with the PayPal shopping cart.

If you do not have PayPal, don’t worry. PayPal allows you to process your orde using a credit or debit card. And it can accept all sorts of currencies. Another plus. It’s the best way to make transactions online!

If you have any questions about the shirts, please do contact us. We’ll answer best we can.

Thanks for helping us out with your purchase, and by wearing the shirt around town! Spread the word and let every Bills fan know about the show by Bills fans, for Bills fans!

The Buffalo Bills Review!