Buffalo Bills Football is Almost Here!!

Serious, folks. It’s almost here. This Saturday, the Bills will begin their training camp practices, and two weeks from Sunday they will play their first pre-season game!! (We’re excited!)

They made the surprising move of retaining the popular-with-the-players, but mildly unsuccessful head coach Dick Jauron, but then followed that up with some very intriguing moves (and, I’d say popular with the fans) including dumping somewhat subversive LT Jason Peters (dude was trouble… even admitted to taking plays off because he wanted more money.) and two more offensive lineman that were underachieving. Then they brought in Terrell Owens, who, love him or hate him, he has certainly boosted local and national interest in our team. Plus, another pretty good group of rookies, a few key free agents…

On paper it looks like it will be a fun year. But, talk to me again in November 🙂

For now, I leave you with a series of articles leading up to the opening of training camp. The lead journalist, Chris Brown, has been posting the top 25 questions going into 2009. (And a couple other contributers.) All good stuff, will help get you ready for BILLS FOOTBALL!!!

Go Bills!

(They have been releasing these in reverse numerical order, but I decided to switch them around. Will add links to the last three as they are posted.)

Top 25 Questions for Bills 2009 Season

1: Will O-line have enough time to jell?
2: Can Edwards handle added responsibility?
3: Do Bills have intimidation factor?
4: Will the Bills make the playoffs?
5: Who are the training camp sleepers?
6: Who will become a playmaker on special teams?
7: Can the Bills topple the Patriots?
8: Can Bills pass rush be reliable?
9: Will Lynch be fresher down the stretch?
10: Can Walker hold down LT?
11: Will Owens post double digit TDs?
12: Who will become a playmaker on offense?
13: Can Butler re-master right tackle?
14: How much will Sanders help the D-line?
15: Who will be the nickel CB?
16: Will Jackson see more touches?
17: How much will Owens help Evans?
18: Will Schobel return to form?
19: Who will be the strong side LB?
20: Can special teams still dominate?
21: Which rookies will start?
22: How often will no huddle be used?
23: Who becomes a playmaker on defense?
24: What will be the offensive pecking order?
25: Who will be the starting TE?

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