Training Camp Schedule

Buffalo Bills Training Camp is about to Begin!!!
We won’t be seeing much of this guy this year, but we are about to see the BILLS again!!!

This week marks the beginning of Buffalo Bills Training Camp! The 2006 season has begun!!! (I’m quite excited!) We plan to go at least a couple times to see the new players, maybe meet some of them, and the kids love all the great stuff they have set up for them as well. It’s definitely a family event!

Buffalo Bills Training Camp Schedule <-- CLICK HERE


An Early Prediction for the 2006 Buffalo Bills

Welcome back Bills Fans! With this new site design, I figured it was a good time to post some new content as well. 🙂

After hearing the NFL Rants and Raves podcast predict the Bills would finish BELOW the Jets, I had to respond! I sent an email to Steven, one of the hosts, with my predictions for the season. It seemed appropriate to share them here, so here’s my initial, early prediction for the 2006 season:

Here’s what I think on the AFC East:

  1. Miami (they’ve made some solid off-season moves, and finished very strong last season)
  2. Buffalo Bills (JUST HOOLLLLD ON…. I’ll explain below)
  3. New England Patriots (unlike the Dolphins, they seem to be losing more people than they are gaining, but you can NEVER count Belichick out)
  4. NY Jets (Steven, I am appalled that you would pick the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS to finish ahead of the Bills…) 🙂

I think people (including me, initially) are looking at the wrong “qualities” from the Bills draft and free agent pick ups. Marv Levy (and Bill Polian) always chose character over flash when he was coach here, and it seems like that is what they are doing now. They chose by position, and character, and apparently they wanted Donte Whitner (and there were rumors, maybe even actual quotes? that other teams just below the bills wanted whitner as well. the espn guys don’t really know everything…) I’ll admit to much befuddlement on draft day, but the picture has become clearer over the weeks since.

The Bills are building a team. Much like the New England Patriots of the past decade or so. Not necessarily big name players (though some might turn out to be) but they are all hard-working, team-oriented guys who will get the job done. Actually, reminds me of the Sabres, who made it to the Eastern Conference finals this year, and there is not a nameable player on the team, I don’t think. All the guys contribute, work hard, and play as a team. That’s what I expect from the Bills.

Now don’t get me wrong… I am certainly realistic. The team did NOT look good last year on many occasions. AND YET, they were in MOST of the games they lost. I honestly think a TON of what happened last year was coaching errors. Seriously… the play calling was… interesting, at best. So with the huge, wholesale changes to the coaching staff, it should be a very different ball game.

As for the QB… we had chances to get better QBs. I have to trust all of those football guys, who would like to keep their new jobs in Buffalo, and didn’t have anything invested in the picks (like Mularkey and Donahoe) when they say that they like their QBs. Perhaps Losman was just super green last year? Perhaps it was the coaching? Perhaps (no, for sure) they were not playing as a team? Perhaps it was everything together?

Take another look at the Buffalo Bills guys, I think you’ll be surprised.

Oh, a final record prediction you ask?

Week 1: at NE – W (yes, the Bills tend to shock people on opening day. no matter who or where they are playing, I think they have a fantastic opening day record… expect the same on week 1)

Week 2: at MIA – L (Sept, miami, Bills often lose… Dolphins should be a better team, esp at this point of the season)
Wk 3: NYJ – W (Again, Steven, what were you thinking? Jets finish 2-14 at BEST) 🙂
Wk 4: MIN – W (Even as bad as they were last year, Bills were much better at home. Home crowd, Dante-less vikings… Bills win.)
Wk 5: at CHI – L (I could go either way on this one… Jauron will want the win)
Wk 6: at DET – W (Ummm… It’s the Lions …)
Wk 7: NE – W (Sorry guys… I really think it’s possible (I know, highly unlikely) that we win BOTH games against the pats this year… home games, Bills do well)

Wk 8: bye (They should do ok this week….)

Wk 9: GB – W (So long, Brett… has he ever won in Buffalo? I don’t think he has…)
Wk 10: at IND – L! (See!? I am a realist…) 🙂
Wk 11: at HOU – W (actually, I think this could go either way… but I think the Bills are better than the Texans, even with Moulds on the other side)
Wk 12: JAX – W (Jacksonville has a knack for winning in Buffalo… but late November… I’m pickin the Bills!)
Wk 13: SD – W (Sorry guys… SoCal and WNY in December don’t mix. Look for a near reversal of last year’s SD/Buf contest…)
Wk 14: at NJY – W (HA!!! Jets finish ahead of the Bills! HA!!!)
Wk 15: MIA – W (I actually think this one might be one of those games that moves to the primetime slot. Both teams will be vying for the top spot in the East.)
Wk 16: TEN – W (we have FOUR warm-weather teams at HOME from Nov 26-Dec 24!!! Dude… you gotta LOVE that schedule!!)
Wk 17: at BAL – L (you can’t win em all…) 🙂

FINAL RECORD in 2006???

You heard it here, folks. TWELVE and FOUR.

I think the Fins will also finish about 12-4, and since I figure they’ll win the division, they’ll either have tie breakers, or, I will likely miss a game or two.

Definitely, Bills will finish between 10 and 12 wins this year.

Am I out of my mind? Perhaps. But I really do think we’re going to see an amazingly strong season from the Bills, which will stand in stark contrast to the 2005 campaign. Softer schedule, all new faces, new coaching and management. All of these things will lead to better success (pending a few uncertainties right now).

I can’t wait!!!

Website Updates


Hey folks!!

It’s almost FOOTBALL SEASON!!!!!! An that means it’s almost time for the BUFFALO BILLS REVIEW!!! YES!!!

We have spruced up a bit around here. Simplified navigation, and cleaner layout. Just a few upgrades here and there. Look for more as we continue through the pre-season here. We’ll probably mention some of the new features of the site on the first show. You can expect that on or about Monday, August 7th.

Browse the links above and check it out. More coming soon!