Fun Website Updates

Bandwidth Exceeded!

Hey folks. I just discovered this morning that we had exceeded our bandwidth for! The site was blocked by an automated script that shuts us down if we ever go over. Ordinarily we do not, but apparently, traffic is UP. That’s fantastic! Thanks for visiting, and keep coming. I hope that this will not only be the place you can grab our weekly (or more) shows but also get some great content from other Bills fan/writers, and links to other great Bills stuff… just a fun place to stop by for Bills fans!

Don’t forget that we have a “promote” page here where you can get graphics to include on your own website, or maybe emails. We’ll get a little form up there soon where you can let a friend know about the Buffalo Bills Review right from that page.

Also, tons of “fun” stuff at the fun page. (The BBR Guys predictions, some crazy fun Bills-related songs, a fairly regularly updated poll, and much more.

So thanks for visiting, listening, and let’s keep it going!

Go Bills!

BBR Guys Website Updates

BBR Articles Page – New Writers

Hey folks, just wanted to let you know that we’re expanding a bit here at the Buffalo Bills Review! We have brought on a few more contributors to the Articles Page, hoping to make that a place full of great Bills-related articles, thoughts, editorials, even links and quick news tidbits. With more contributors, there should be even more content, and a great variety, too!

All the BBR hosts will be contributing (Greg, Dave, The John, Dre, maybe even “Uncle” Josh) as well as Ben Plewak, and Brian Hedger who wrote for BBR last year. Joining the team this year are Ryan Simmons, host of The NFL Tailgate (and last year filled in for Greg for a show), and “wyo”, a former blogger at, and super-mega contributor to the Message Boards. She’s a long-time Bills fan, and has great stuff to say about our Bills.

More will be joining the team, and the page will be hopping soon, with Buffalo Bills football really JUST around the corner! So stop by the page and/or bookmark the feed.

And… Go Bills! Training camp is almost here!!

BBR Listeners Business Website Updates

Click and Sign Up to Support BBR

Hey BBR listener/visitor.

I recently reconfigured our pages to include the banner ads at the top. Did you notice? 🙂 They are all services which we (at least, I, Greg) recommend. If you accept our recommendation, and click through the banner and sign up for the service or shop at the store or whatever… you will be supporting BBR. Most of it is small stuff, but some are bigger chunks. So, you get a great service (or perhaps do something you already do, like shop at Amazon?) and BBR gets paid. We fund the show out of our own pockets but this is a way you guys could easily help out!

If you are so inclined, click on a banner of interest and sign up for what they are offering. We’d be very appreciative.

Bills football is just around the corner! Go Bills!!!

Geeky Stuff Website Updates

Technical Difficulties

I just thought I would post a note here that we are experiencing hopefully TEMPORARY technical difficulties here. Apparently, the entire audio catalog of the Buffalo Bills Review has been deleted. This week’s show is up, and ready to download, but I am in the process of re-uploading the previous three shows, and hopefully restoring the full directory ASAP. Yikes. I was told that this hosting company just instantly deletes suspect directories containing only audio files! What??!?

Sorry for the inconvenience. The archives should be fully restored shortly.

-The Management.

Events Links Website Updates

Various BBR-Newsworthy Items

There are a few random things from the previous show or two to tidy up, so I am posting them here, and hoping that folks are checking the BBR News page!

BBR Game Day LIVE!
We’ll be setting up in the ECC parking lot off Southwestern Blvd this Sunday morning. I’m bringing a football, and it looks like I’ll also be cooking my famous chicken wings right there in the parking lot as well! Our friend Chi will be making beef brisket (ya, I’m not to sure what that is either…) and we know Sven is bringing some German tailgating food… It’s gonna be a fun morning!

Then we watch the Bills dominate the Ravens!

Then we come back to the parking lot, set up the sound system, and do the Bills Review with a live audience! If you’re coming out to the game, don’t miss this part! Should be fun (and kinda funny…) and I just have no idea what we’ll get. We’re shooting for a start time of just half an hour after the game ends. We’ll see if we can do it.

If you missed the link above, more info (including a map) are at the original BBR Game Day Live post, here:

Van Miller Impression
Our friend Adam from New Jersey sent in his Van Miller impression a while back, but we never got to air it, so here it is in its entirety, in all it’s glory, for the ages… and for a Slim Jim. 🙂

Van Miller Impression by Adam from NJ

Also, see a photo of the prize Adam won.

Kenny Mayne Interviews Gibran Hamden
You heard a snippet of the interview Kenny Mayne did with our now third string QB Gibran Hamden on our latest show (3.10) but there was more to it, and now you can hear the full 3 minutes or so!

Geeky Stuff Website Updates

Enhance Your BBR Experience!

At Dave’s request, we have made the Buffalo Bills Review into a full multimedia experience! Now you have your choice of streaming an MP3 version of our show, or downloading that same MP3 version – OR, get the Buffalo Bills Review in AAC format, complete with photos, graphics and links to everything we’re talking about! If you’re listening to the show in iTunes, you can follow along in a much more media rich way!

To get the new AAC version of the show, just click on the AAC link at the top of each podcast entry on the main page. Right-click to download, or left click to play in the browser. Eventually the feeds will be different, so you can get either the MP3 or the enhanced AAC version. Your choice.

Let us know what you think about the new and improved BBR!

BBR Listeners Website Updates

Promote The Show!

In an effort to make it easier for you to help promote the Buffalo Bills Review, we have set up a page with little banners and BBR logos, along with HTML code you can copy and paste into your own blog, website, emails, forum signatures, etc. Visit our promote page and pick the right size image for your site!

Let us know if there are other ways you’d like to help promote, and we’ll get them up there. I will be adding a graphic linked to our feed soon, so you can offer people a one-click way to subscribe to the show.

Thanks for helping spread the word!

Events Website Updates

New Way To Chat

Enter BBRGameDayChatHey folks!

This is just a quick notice regarding an update to the website.

If you participated in the BBRGameDay chats last season, you will want to make a note. If you did not, you missed out on some great fun! Bills fans around the world “together” via the internet in one chat room, talking about the Bills game as it happens! And, all have the connection of listening to/participating in the BBR! (In fact, one of the guys who was in the chat last year ended up being on the show one week!)

It was set up as an AIM chat room last year, but there were plenty of people who were confused by AOL’s software. (Who isn’t??) So, I found a neato AJAX-y chat client that I installed on our server here, and is up and running. I tested it out last night, seems to be great. Can use some tweaks to be sure, but that is how we’ll go for upcoming Bills games (INCLUDING THE ONE THIS FRIDAY!!!!!!)

All you do is go to and click on the button to bring up the pop up window that houses the chat room. Instructions (should you need them) are at the old link,

This is a fun way to catch a Bills game together, so if you’re so inclined… join us in the BBR Game Day Chat!

Website Updates

Your (NEW) Source for BBR News!

You’ll notice a few new things around here today. First, I am now naming the shows. Will be easier to find old shows that way, I would think. So the title of your download will be a bit different. Then, we have changed the navigation, adding the PROMOTE page (linked above), and THIS PAGE… where you’ll find any BBR News items.

Take a moment to explore… lots of good stuff around here!

Website Updates


Hey folks!!

It’s almost FOOTBALL SEASON!!!!!! An that means it’s almost time for the BUFFALO BILLS REVIEW!!! YES!!!

We have spruced up a bit around here. Simplified navigation, and cleaner layout. Just a few upgrades here and there. Look for more as we continue through the pre-season here. We’ll probably mention some of the new features of the site on the first show. You can expect that on or about Monday, August 7th.

Browse the links above and check it out. More coming soon!