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New Way To Chat

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Enter BBRGameDayChatHey folks!

This is just a quick notice regarding an update to the website.

If you participated in the BBRGameDay chats last season, you will want to make a note. If you did not, you missed out on some great fun! Bills fans around the world “together” via the internet in one chat room, talking about the Bills game as it happens! And, all have the connection of listening to/participating in the BBR! (In fact, one of the guys who was in the chat last year ended up being on the show one week!)

It was set up as an AIM chat room last year, but there were plenty of people who were confused by AOL’s software. (Who isn’t??) So, I found a neato AJAX-y chat client that I installed on our server here, and is up and running. I tested it out last night, seems to be great. Can use some tweaks to be sure, but that is how we’ll go for upcoming Bills games (INCLUDING THE ONE THIS FRIDAY!!!!!!)

All you do is go to and click on the button to bring up the pop up window that houses the chat room. Instructions (should you need them) are at the old link,

This is a fun way to catch a Bills game together, so if you’re so inclined… join us in the BBR Game Day Chat!