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2010 NFL Season Begins!

The NFL Football season “officially” begins tonight (8/8 @ 8 ET) with the Hall of Fame game in Canton, OH. The Cincinnati Bengals play the Dallas Cowboys, and even though it’s pre-season football, we can’t wait to watch it here in the Campbell household! It will be fun to see a former Bill (T.O.) in his new uniform, and well, just fun to see NFL football again! is getting into the celebration mode as well, with a series of short videos highlighting the players being inducted into the hall of fame this weekend, including Jerry Rice. (First video below…)

So… tune into NBC at 8pm ET tonight for some football, and warm up with the videos below. Enjoy!

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FIFA World Cup 2010: Vuvuzelas!

If you have been watching any of the World Cup so far this month (perhaps even if you haven’t) you know that the word of the tournament so far is: Vuvuzela.

Now, I am no fan of the constant, buzzing drone that provides the soundtrack to every minute of every match… nor am I so completely anti-Vuvuzela. (First of all, it’s a pretty fun word, and probably lexically reminds me of one of my previous homes.)

If you watch the video above, and read the linked page … well, you’ll see that even though it might be slightly annoyingโ€”enough to want to ban itโ€”it’s not all bad. It has certainly given the entire world something to talk about!

There’s even an iPhone app!

So, if it really bothers you, just turn down your sound and root on your country in silence. Or… you could just buy your own?

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The NFL Network Comes to Hulu!

Following up on yesterday’s recommended Hulu show … they announced today that there is a slew of NFL content now available on their site. They even have their own channel there!

This is great news, and I hope to see more. Perhaps next season NFL GameDay will be there as well? (Come on, NFL!)

Until then, we in the Campbell home will be watching some great NFL games from the past, including some video from when our team was actually good, too! ๐Ÿ™‚


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NFL Players Are Amazing

Are these for real? They look for real. But, really?

I like the warning before Mauroney does his stunt, “Do not attempt unless you are an NFL athlete.” (Perhaps not even then?)

I know these are old, but my Dad sent me some in an email today, and they’re just fun, so… enjoy!

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The T.O. Buzz Continues…

A few days after the Bills dropped the T.O. bomb on the NFL, it’s all anyone can talk about. We figured that at least the Bills would get that out of the deal, right? I’m still wondering if eventually the small market-ness of Buffalo will help the buzz to subside, but at the moment, ALL of the top stories on the front page of are about T.O. and/or the Bills. Fascinating.

Here are a few links to videos and articles worth checking out:

  • VIDEO Dolphins play-by-play guy talks about Evans/Owns and Moss/Welker in the same division. (
  • VIDEO NFL Network guys discuss the Bills signing of Terrell Owens. (
  • VIDEO interviews Trent Edwards re: the Bills signing of T.O. (
  • ARTICLE Jerry Sullivan’s take on the whole T.O. thing. (Buffalo News)
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Not The Same Marshawn posted this video today. It’s Marshawn Lynch talking with the media. And it’s kinda sad. Lynch is not his jovial self. You can see he is very guarded. And just not the happy guy he usually is. At least in front of this camera, these mics. Hopefully it’s just that.

If it’s not, I miss the old Marshawn. Hope he comes back.

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Donte Whitner: Championship

Got this link as a response to the article posted directly below. Donte Whitner was one of the players I have heard saying, “We just want to make the playoffs,” so this was good to see. I do know he made the guarantee on ESPN that we’d make the playoffs, but again, is that enough? Apparently Donte wants more.

Really like this kid. Think he’s gonna be great for the Bills for years to come. Seems Levy wasn’t crazy when he made him the 8th overall pick in his first year as the Bills GM… ๐Ÿ™‚

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Bills Draft Picks Video Highlights

I found a few good videos below at YouTube, which I can embed here, but there are a bunch more including interviews, as well as in-depth articles at The Multimedia section has been revamped, and the video is much better quality, and easier to use (with a nice full-screen option as well… just wish they’d let me embed them here…)

Check out all the new players at:

Don’t forget the wealth of inside information at Chris Brown’s blog, and here are a couple other great articles to check out from our favorite Bills reporter… ๐Ÿ™‚

Bills Have a Big First Day
Running Recap of Day Two
Bills Committed to Losman

Current Bills Draft Videos

Profile Video on Demetrius Bell

Current Bills Draft Videos

Alvin Bowen Video Highlights