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Bills Draft Picks Video Highlights

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I found a few good videos below at YouTube, which I can embed here, but there are a bunch more including interviews, as well as in-depth articles at The Multimedia section has been revamped, and the video is much better quality, and easier to use (with a nice full-screen option as well… just wish they’d let me embed them here…)

Check out all the new players at:

Don’t forget the wealth of inside information at Chris Brown’s blog, and here are a couple other great articles to check out from our favorite Bills reporter… 🙂

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Running Recap of Day Two
Bills Committed to Losman

One reply on “Bills Draft Picks Video Highlights”

Thanks for collecting all of this info and putting it in one place! That saves all of us from having to individually filter out videos of people’s cats in funny outfits or frat boys finding a new way to mix Diet Coke and Mentos. Gotta love YouTube.

Back to football… One thing I keep hearing about individual members of our draft class is that each one feels like he’s got something to prove. Whether it’s coming from a smaller school or going where he did in the draft… THAT‘s gonna be a nice flavour in a blue-collar setting.

One of the Bills’ staff said Omon on tape was clearly a man playing among boys. Here’s hoping he and the others are able to make a positive contribution when they start matching up with men.

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