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Various BBR-Newsworthy Items

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There are a few random things from the previous show or two to tidy up, so I am posting them here, and hoping that folks are checking the BBR News page!

BBR Game Day LIVE!
We’ll be setting up in the ECC parking lot off Southwestern Blvd this Sunday morning. I’m bringing a football, and it looks like I’ll also be cooking my famous chicken wings right there in the parking lot as well! Our friend Chi will be making beef brisket (ya, I’m not to sure what that is either…) and we know Sven is bringing some German tailgating food… It’s gonna be a fun morning!

Then we watch the Bills dominate the Ravens!

Then we come back to the parking lot, set up the sound system, and do the Bills Review with a live audience! If you’re coming out to the game, don’t miss this part! Should be fun (and kinda funny…) and I just have no idea what we’ll get. We’re shooting for a start time of just half an hour after the game ends. We’ll see if we can do it.

If you missed the link above, more info (including a map) are at the original BBR Game Day Live post, here:

Van Miller Impression
Our friend Adam from New Jersey sent in his Van Miller impression a while back, but we never got to air it, so here it is in its entirety, in all it’s glory, for the ages… and for a Slim Jim. 🙂

Van Miller Impression by Adam from NJ

Also, see a photo of the prize Adam won.

Kenny Mayne Interviews Gibran Hamden
You heard a snippet of the interview Kenny Mayne did with our now third string QB Gibran Hamden on our latest show (3.10) but there was more to it, and now you can hear the full 3 minutes or so!