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Article: “Don Beebe Finds Higher Calling”

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A former NFL wide receiver whose nine-year career was spent with the Buffalo Bills, Carolina Panthers and Green Bay Packers, this devout Christian now volunteers his time coaching tiny Aurora (Ill.) Christian High School -– enrollment 376 -– because of his faith.

In nine NFL seasons, Beebe caught 219 passes for 3,416 yards and 23 TDs.

“There’s no money involved,” Beebe said. “It’s my calling. I felt God calling me to coach kids.”

When former Bills coach and current general manager Marv Levy asked Beebe to join Buffalo’s coaching staff in 2006, Beebe immediately turned him down to remain with Aurora Christian.

“Why do something just for money?” Beebe said. “My passion is here and with these kids.”

In four seasons as head coach, Beebe transformed a struggling program into a Class 3A state power by setting examples and building traditions.

He maintains heart outweighs talent.

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