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Join the BBR Team, Help Kids

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Brian Moorman's Punt FoundationBills punter, Brian Moorman, joined us on the Bills Review today (another special edition BBR, available here) and we learned that not only is his foundation doing great things for children who have cancer, and their families… we can help out pretty easily too!

Anyone is able to donate, or join the Kicking for Kids 2007 campaign where you pledge to donate any amount of money per kick downed inside the 20. Last year Brian had 33, so if you pledge $1 per kick, that’s $33 at the end of the year. But another pretty cool feature is setting up your own PUNT Foundation fund raising page!

So, we have done that for the Buffalo Bills Review!

Click the little graphic at the top right of this entry, and head over there and donate, or join our fund raising team by clicking the “Join this team” link in the right-hand column. You can make your own page where family, friends, co-workers, anyone can donate to a good cause.

I have set a goal of $1000 to be raised by the collective BBR listeners. I’m sure we can do that. Let’s blow that away!

For more information on the PUNT Foundation, visit Brian’s site: