Buffalo Bills Season Begins Tonight!

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The Bills take on the Patriots in the first game of the Monday Night Football double-header tonight. The Bills had a lackluster preseason (that’s putting it nicely) and thus many Bills fans have given up on the team before they have even played a down!

I, of course, being a BIG Bills Fan have not, and spelled out some of the reasons why in an article I published today at my page. The title? Just Who Are The 2009 Buffalo Bills Anyway?

We’ll find out tonight, I think. I’m hoping they’re the really fun, high-scoring team they could be. I’m neither optimistic nor pessimistic about that… mostly curious.

And excited that Bills football is here!

Go Bills!

(And if you’re a fellow Bills fan, or even just an NFL fan, do click the link to the Bleacher Report article. Don’t make me post it twice…) 😉