Incompetence Reigns Supreme

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If there was any doubt regarding the game-day competency of Dick Jauron I hope Sunday set the record straight.

With the wind the bills botched two scoring chances in the first half:
1. Let’s run Professor X and then try a 46 yard FG with killer winds. Very conservative play calling at this point. Trent had already proven he could throw the ball with the wind…
2. The end of the first half was an embarrassment. First, with 22 seconds left (and no time outs) you throw! Obviously, there was confusion amongst the coaching staff as the play call was late coming in and then they ran a bone head play. Of course, The Duke of Preston did not help by trying to be a tough guy. Remember the Denver game last year when they kicked a FG with 8 sec and the clock ticking, we had 22… 
Incompetent coaches breed incompetent players. Sad, we deserve better. Let us hope that the inner circle gives Dick his walking papers. I am not holding my breath.
The Bills failed to score a TD in three home games this year (counting Toronto).