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Greg’s NFL Week 12 Picks

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LAST WEEK: 11-4-1 :: OVERALL: 97-62-1

A tie! Has been 6 years since the last time that happened, and this time, it fooled one of the games best quarterbacks. Have you heard that? Eagles QB Donovan McNabb said after the game that he was unaware that a game could end in a tie. Wow. You’d think that one of the premier players in the league might actually know the rules! (Especially when my seven year old knows that!!)

On to the picks for this week…

Cincinnati (1-8) at Pittsburgh (7-3)

Cincinnati was a bit better than expected, but really… no one expected much anyway. So it wasn’t hard. WINNER: Pittsburgh.

Tampa Bay (7-3) at Detroit (0-10)

It really does seem this team might go 0-16. WINNER: Tampa Bay

Houston (3-7) at Cleveland (4-6)

Game could go either way, but Houston has been more impressive in their mediocrity this season. WINNER: Houston

San Francisco (3-7) at Dallas (6-4)

Remember when this game was a highlight of the NFL season? WINNER: Dallas

Philadelphia (5-4-1) at Baltimore (6-4)

Philly may not know all the rules, but the Ravens looked awful against another NFC East team last week. WINNER: Philadelphia

Minnesota (5-5) at Jacksonville (4-6)

This could be a really good game… two power running teams, and good defenses. Jags are home. Vikes haven’t overly impressed. WINNER: Jacksonville

New England (6-4) at Miami (6-4)

Do you really think Belichick will lose twice to them in one season? WINNER: New England

Tennessee (8-0) at Chicago (5-3)

This game is actually kind of tough to pick. Give the edge to Tennessee because Chicago is starting Rex Grossman. WINNER: Tennessee

Chicago (5-5) at St. Louis (2-8)

St. Louis had three good games… but I don’t expect any more. WINNER: Chicago

NY Jets (7-3) at Tennessee (10-0)

If the J-E-T-S are the “second best” team in the AFC, then the AFC is really, really bad. WINNER: Tennessee

Buffalo (5-5) at Kansas City (1-9)

The Bills finally get a chance to beat up on somebody. WINNER: Buffalo

Oakland (2-8) at Denver (6-4)

Oakland (the players) really is much better than their record, but this game is in Denver (who probably aren’t as good as their record…) WINNER: Denver

Washington (6-4) at Seattle (2-8)

Everyone likes playing the NFC West this year. But I have a funny feeling about this one. WINNER: Seattle

NY Giants (9-1) at Arizona (7-3)

I know the Giants just made the Ravens – a good team – look silly, but I just like the Cards chances. They really do play well at home. (But the Giants play well on the road…) Anyway… WINNER: Arizona

Carolina (8-2) at Atlanta (6-4)

Why are these two teams winning so many games? This one goes to the home team. WINNER: Atlanta

Indianapolis (6-4) at San Diego (4-6)

Manning is just too good to lose to this year’s Chargers. WINNER: Indianapolis

Green Bay (5-5) at New Orleans (5-5)

These teams are both 5-5 for a reason. They’re pretty good, but unpredictable. I’ll probably get this wrong, but going with the home team and the offense. WINNER: New Orleans.


Time for the Bills to get back on track. Chiefs defense is really not great… Bills may have gotten the running game untracked… let’s hope it all comes together!

Go Bills!

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