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Greg’s NFL Week 10 Picks

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LAST WEEK: 7-7 :: OVERALL: 76-54

This is a bit late getting out this week, but it has been one of the busiest weeks in recent memory. In fact, we’re so late that one of these games has already passed… and I’m already 0-1!!! (I’m not sure it’s a wise move to place any wagers based on my predicted NFL outcomes….) 🙂

Here’s a quick peak at Week 10 of the NFL season!

Buffalo (5-3) at New England (5-3)

Two of the three first-place AFC East teams square off in a stadium in which the Bills have never been victorious (0-6 at Gillette stadium) and the Pats have won 9 in a row against the Bills, and 14 of the last 15. It has definitely been a one-sided match for quite a while. The Bills have been close in many of those games, but have never managed to win. But as predicted pre-season, the Bills are poised to break that streak. They know that if they want to be a playoff team, they have to beat the Pats. Injuries will make that harder, but the Pats are banged up themselves. Look for a strong running game (first of the season) and a win in the turnover column… translating to a big Bills victory! WINNER: Buffalo.

Denver (4-4) at Cleveland (3-4)

It’s obviously too late to be “predicting” this one, but you’ll notice that my prediction was, in fact, wrong. This was a difficult game to predict as the Browns were starting a “rookie” QB in Brady Quinn, but on the other hand, the Broncos have been playing pretty poorly – particularly on defense. So, I went with the home team, who actually led most of the game, but in the end, Denver won 34-30. Nice come back. Too bad for me. 0-1 to start the week. WINNER: Cleveland

Baltimore (5-3) at Houston (3-5)

Really great defense vs. a pretty good offense, and probably a better overall team, who play well at home… but I gotta go with the amazingly strong defense. Home or away, doesn’t matter. WINNER: Baltimore

St. Louis (2-6) at NY Jets (5-3)

I really want to pick the Rams. We (Bills fans) need the Rams to win, that’d be great. But the Jets are just a better team, and should pull out the victory at home, barring some sort of implosion. WINNER: NY Jets

Green Bay (4-4) at Minnesota (4-4)

Green Bay should have beaten Tennessee last week, and though this division contest should be tough… expect Green Bay to get the win. WINNER: Green Bay

Seattle (2-6) at Miami (4-4)

Seattle is bad. Unfortunately for Bills fans… Miami – playing at home – goes a game above .500 this week! WINNER: Miami

Jacksonville (3-5) at Detroit (0-8)

Jacksonville just can’t lose a third straight game that they are supposed to win. WINNER: Jacksonville

Tennessee (8-0) at Chicago (5-3)

This game is actually kind of tough to pick. Give the edge to Tennessee because Chicago is starting Rex Grossman. WINNER: Tennessee

New Orleans (4-4) at Atlanta (5-3)

Another division game. Very tough to call, but let’s go with red-hot Atlanta at home. WINNER: Atlanta

Carolina (6-2) at Oakland (2-6)

One of these teams is much better than the other… WINNER: Carolina

Kansas City (1-7) at San Diego (3-5)

Same as above… San Diego has just not been playing up to par. Still… WINNER: San Diego

Indianapolis (4-4) at Pittsburgh (6-2)

As much as I’ll be rooting for Indy in this game… Pittsburgh is just too tough for this weakened Colts team. WINNER: Pittsburgh

NY Giants (7-1) at Philadelphia (5-3)

It actually surprises me how many people are picking the Eagles in this game. Westbrook is great, but the Giants team is better. WINNER: NY Giants

San Francisco (2-6) at Arizona (5-3)

This is the Monday night game?? Singletary doesn’t get his first win yet. Arizona wins. WINNER: Arizona


Lots of big divisional games this week. The season is more than half over, and stuff is starting to get interesting!

Go Bills! Beat the Pats!

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