Hi, I am Dave Drake and I am a Bill’s fan…

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The 12 steps to fix our slump:

1. Admit that we are powerless over losing and our play is unmanageable (Yes, Jason Peters you must admit we are not a good running team).
2. Came to believe that a new head coach could restore our winning ways.
3. Make a decision to turn our playbooks over to proven successful coaches.
4. Make a searching and fearless moral inventory of our over-paid underperforming starters.
5. Admit to the commish, the fans the exact nature of our wrongs.
6. Were entirely ready to let a new head coach remove the defects of our football team.
7. Humbly ask Mr. President to remove this team’s shortcomings.
8. Made a list of all the fans we had harmed and make amends to them. (This would be done by a playoff berth.)
9. Made direct amends to such fans wherever possible (like winning a Super Bowl).
10. Continue to take team inventory and when we hire bad coaches and draft bad players admit we were wrong and promptly get rid of them.
11. Sought through hard hitting and big plays to improve our division record.
12. Having had a organizational transformation we tried to carry this message to fans who desperately want to win a Super Bowl.

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Dave –

On last week’s podcast you made your case for Dick Jauron simply not being a good head coach – maybe a good coordinator, but not a head coach.

You said the team has taken on the demeanor of its coach, and it isn’t a winning demeanor.

I’m still not prepared to concede, perhaps only because it means we’re doomed for several more years. However, if you’re right, the evidence was all over the field again yesterday.

Instead of “c’mon boys, let’s play hard, and if we lose we’ll keep trying to get better,” how about “c’mon boys, let’s go out on that field and kick the snot out of those SOBs.”

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