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Greg’s NFL Week 13 Picks

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LAST WEEK: 10-6 :: OVERALL: 107-68-1

This is late getting up, but it’s been a full week with the holiday and Black Friday and all.. 🙂 Ha! Last week was not so good, I maintain that this has been one of the craziest NFL seasons. Very difficult to predict what will happen as any team can beat any other team so far this year, including undefeated teams!

Let’s take a look at week 13.

Tennesee (10-1) at Detroit (0-11)

This was not going to be a game anyway, but got worse when Tennessee lost the week before. WINNER: Tennessee.

Seattle (2-10) at Dallas (7-4)

Why were there such bad games for Thanksgiving? WINNER: Dallas

Arizona (7-4) at Philadelphia (5-5-1)

Should have gone with my gut on this one. Arizona is awful on the road, especially the east coast. WINNER: Arizona

Miami (6-5) at St. Louis (2-9)

Miami is playing well, and St. Louis is not. Strange, but true. WINNER: Miami

NY Giants (10-1) at Washington (7-4)

Washington wants to make ammends for a poor week one performance, Portis is playing. WINNER: NY Giants

New Orleans (6-5) at Tampa Bay (8-3)

Defense wins championships, and games. WINNER: Tampa Bay

Carolina (8-3) at Green Bay (5-6)

Green Bay played well, despite the score, last week. Home team wins in late November. WINNER: Green Bay

Indianapolis (7-4) at Cleveland (4-7)

Cleveland lost their starting QB, and Indy’s keeps getting better. WINNER: Indianapolis

Baltimore (7-4) at Cincinnati (1-9)

Baltimore is playing well on offense, too. Shouldn’t have any problem here. WINNER: Baltimore

San Francisco (3-8) at Buffalo (6-5)

Buffalo should have no problem here, either. It is the return of Clements and Spikes. That should be fun. WINNER: Buffalo

Atlanta (7-4) at San Diego (4-7)

Atlanta will surprise a beatable Chargers team. WINNER: Atlanta

Kansas City (1-10) at Oakland (3-8)

This game is almost impossible to pick, because BOTH are so bad! Chiefs are playing better. WINNER: Kansas City

Pittsburgh (8-3) at New England (7-4)

Surprisingly good game here, can the Steelers defense win the game for them? Yes. WINNER: Pittsburgh

Denver (6-5) at NY Jets (8-3)

The JETS beat the TITANS??? Yikes. Denver shouldn’t have a chance here. WINNER: NY Jets

Chicago (6-5) at Minnesota (6-5)

Classic NFC North battle. Home team wins. WINNER: Minnesota

Jacksonville (4-7) at Houston (4-7)

Both of these teams have had tough seasons. They are better than their records indicate, but have had their struggles. Jags have a great running game when they can get it going. WINNER: Jacksonville


Bills fans are rooting for St. Louis, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Denver and Pittsburgh. And, the Bills. That would be a great weekend!

Go Bills!

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