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Greg’s NFL Week 11 Picks

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LAST WEEK: 10-4 :: OVERALL: 86-58

Another full week for me has made me question how I ever thought I could post an NFL picks article every week? 🙂 But, here are the picks I made for week eleven. Week ten went very well, and week eleven is off to a good start (1-0) … maybe this is the week I go 16-0? Let’s hope so!

Here are the picks:

NY Jets (6-3) at New England (6-3)
Denver (5-4) at Atlanta (6-3)
Baltimore (6-3) at NY Giants (8-1)
Minnesota (5-4) at Tampa Bay (6-3)
Oakland (2-7) at Miami (5-4)
Detroit (0-9) at Carolina (7-2)
Philadelphia (5-4) at Cincinnati (1-8)
Chicago (5-4) at Green Bay (4-5)
New Orleans (4-5) at Kansas City (1-8)
Houston (3-6) at Indianapolis (5-4)
St. Louis (2-7) at San Francisco (2-7)
Arizona (6-3) at Seattle (2-7)
Tennessee (9-0) at Jacksonville (4-5)
San Diego (4-5) at Pittsburgh (6-3)
Dallas (5-4) at Washington (6-3)
Cleveland (3-6) at Buffalo (5-4)


A couple games of interest in week 11… definitely Baltimore at NY Giants (a Super Bowl rematch) should be a great defensive game. I expect the Ravens to stun NFL fans by pulling out the victory there. In previous years, Tennessee at Jacksonville would be a great game, I just don’t know which Jags team will show up. Obviously the MNF game is exciting to Bills fans… will we finally see another Bills win? Dallas @ Washington features the return of Tony Romo… should be a good game. Also, San Diego at Pittsburgh could be an exciting AFC matchup.

But in the end… all that needs to be said is…

Go Bills!

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