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Hey folks! It’s the off-season, and I hope you are enjoying watching our team take shape! So many changes over the past two years, and actually, I am a fan of most of them. We’ll see what the other guys (and you!) think on the next show, which we will record next week some time. We’ll discuss all the off-season moves and talk about the draft coming up, and what spots the Bills might be looking to fill. Also, the NFL schedule will be released today, so we’ll talk about the Bills 2007 schedule, and some of the highlights of that.

Following the draft we’ll do one more off-season show, wrapping up the draft and looking ahead to training camp! It’s not that far away!

For now, though, the NHL playoffs begin tomorrow night and our Buffalo Sabres have a great chance to bring home the Stanley Cup this year!!! The good thing is, the Sabes could be playing through June… that only leaves a month until BILLS TRAINING CAMP BEGINS! That’s not much down time at all!

Go Buffalo!