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Sabres vs Islanders

This Thursday night the Sabres will be hosting the NY Islanders to start the NHL playoffs! We can’t wait!!! The regular season was sort of a formality for the Sabres. Their presence in the post season was pretty much a given. The best part this year is that all of the injured players have healed, and are back – apparently in great shape and ready to go!

You can’t predict a sweep, but, in this case we almost can. The Isles did beat Buffalo once this season in 4 tries. And it is the NHL playoffs…. anything can happen.

But not this time.

I think I will go out on the proverbial limb here and predict that Sabres advance to round two in just four games. The Islanders are coached by a former Sabres coach, who did not leave on the best terms. They also have our former star player, Miroslav Satan (pronounced “Shuh-tan”). But…


We’ll see. I think the next round could be more interesting. We will most likely (barring big upsets) be playing either Ottawa or Pittsburgh. Both teams are significant steps up from the NYI and will definitely be more of a challenge.

This is our year for the Cup though. There may be some challenging games, or series, but I will be surprised if we’re not at least in the Finals as the Eastern Conference Champs.

And it all starts in two days!!!