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Great Pre-Camp Articles from Chris Brown

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The Buffalo Bills website has featured a 20-day countdown to Bills Training Camp with the top 20 questions facing the Bills as they prepare for the 2007 season. As always, the articles have been fantastic. I thought it would be of interest to you as a listener of the Buffalo Bills Review to have the complete list (with links) available here in one place! So, click below to read and prepare for the 2007 Buffalo Bills season!!! Training camps starts JULY 26th!!! WHOOOHOOO!!!!


#1: Will The Bills Make The Playoffs?
#2: Will J.P. Losman Become An Elite Quarterback?
#3: Will The Run Defense Be Better?
#4: Who Will Make The Greatest Impact As A Rookie?
#5: Will Peters Make The Pro Bowl?
#6: Who Will Be The Right Cornerback?
#7: Who Will Pull Attention Off Of Lee Evans?
#8: Will The Pass Protection Be Better?
#9: Will There Be A Featured Running Back?
#10: Who Are The Training Camp Sleepers?
#11: Who Will Start At H-Back?
#12: Can Moorman Net 40?
#13: Who Starts At Middle Linebacker?
#14: Will Special Teams Reclaim NFL Top Spot?
#15: How Much Will Whitner & Simpson Improve?
#16: Who Will Start At Right Guard?
#17: Who Leads On Defense?
#18: Will Kevin Everett Contribute More?
#19: Who Will Be The Backup Quarterback?
#20: Can McGee Be An Anchor In The Secondary?