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Jason Peters: Did You Expect Anything Else?

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As I’m sure you’ve heard, and according to, Jason Peters will skip the Pro Bowl again. This year no official reason has been given for his absence:

At this point no official reason has been given for his inability to participate although Peters did miss the last two games of the 2008 regular season with a knee injury.

Sheesh. Can we please TRADE Jason Peters for a top draft pick??? I stand by my idea as the best possible move for Peters and the Bills. What will stop the “two-time Pro Bowler” from holding out again this offseason? Why would the Bills want to deal with that again, and why in the world would they increase his salary based on his 2008 performance?

They shouldn’t. And I really hope they don’t.

Trade him. Draft the top LT. And then draft one of the top three centers to replace all three of our current subpar centers who are all going to be free agents this offseason. (Chris Brown presents a good case for this at I think Walker, Dockery, and even Butler, Chambers and the young fella, Bell are all pretty good linemen. Throw in a couple rookie studs, and we should have a pretty solid O-line. (A line that steadily improved all last season, especially in the running game, which started horribly.)

At least we know, Peters must go.