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Hey Bills fans!

How about THAT start to the free agency period?!?! Three big OL studs (well, at least two, with one “utility player” to boot)! A serious commitment to the OL to go along with the great young guys we brought in last season. Things are DEFINITELY looking up for our Bills in 2007!

Well, at the moment, the focus in our house is on THE BUFFALO SABRES! OH MAN are they playing great! They’re incredible! Can’t wait for the playoffs!!!

So, today I posted an article at the BBR @ page titled, “Are The Bills Following in the Sabres’ Footsteps?“. Worth a read… click over and check it out.

Looking forward to some more (probably smaller, outside of a Takeo or Willis trade) moves in the remainder of the FA period… and then the big Draft weekend. Marv should be able to put together another fantastic draft this year. THIS YEAR I am just going to trust that Marv knows what he’s doing, even if it don’t look like it!!! 🙂

Hope you’re enjoying the off-season, and if you don’t already know… just visit the Bills site daily (or, if you’re tech-savvy, get their RSS feeds to better stay on top of stuff) and you’ll know all the goings on at One Bills Drive. Chris Brown really does a great job of keeping us informed. His blog is excellent.

More to come… for now, check out BBR @!