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Free Agent Wishlist

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Now that New England has drawn RB Fred Taylor away from the Bills with only the promise of a potential championship ring… (Hmmmph!) the Bills continue to schedule visits with free agent players of interest. We mentioned a few of these guys on last night’s show, but if I were the GM, the list of free agents I’d like to sign would looks something like this:

  • C Matt Birk
  • QB Jeff Garcia
  • WR Amani Toomer (or a similar proven vet)
  • RB Fred Taylor (he could have been Marshawn’s dad!)
  • LB Cato June (the Bills might actually opt to go with OLB depth in the draft, but June would be a good veteran add)
  • G Brandon Moore (going on’s Chris Brown on this one… says he’s good, and could be cheap)

It’s a pretty short list. I’m sure we’ll get totally different guys, and one of them might be useful. If we could even just get one of those guys on the list above… well, I’d be a happy Bills fan.