Bills History Players


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I posted this as a thread at the Buffalo Bills Message Boards… but thought it might be worth posting here as well. Comments welcome here, but you can also just join the conversation (if there will be one) at the Bills website.

My first year as a Bills fan (had just moved to Buffalo area one year prior) I got to see a pretty amazing rookie running back rack up 880 yards rushing. Not the magic number 1000, but still decent. Good thing was, he had some veteran help. Between Jamie Mueller’s pounding, Robb Riddick’s pile-jumping, and Ronnie Harmon’s extremely unorthodox one-handed grip on the ball, the Bills had a pretty nice, full backfield. And they made it work.

Rookie Thurman Thomas was the beneficiary of a complement of RBs.

This year, another amazing rookie dons the Buffalo Bills red white and blue, and he also has a decent group around him. From the pounding of Dwayne Wright (or some of our TE/HBs) to the steadiness of the veteran A-Train… and add either Shaud Williams’ shiftiness, or Fred Jackson’s powerful, determined running to that.

That’s a decent complement of RBs.

I think we might have a similar situation to 1988. Lynch (despite the stats in the pre-season) sure seems to have the talent. Not calling him a Hall-of-Famer just yet, but it’s interesting to note that though Thurman led the team in yards his rookie season, he did not have to carry the full load.

Nor, I think, will Marshawn.

If our behemoth o-line can open some holes… we could see a pretty decent running game in 2007.