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A (Premature) Glance at the 2007 Buffalo Bills Schedule

NFL logoThe NFL released the 2007 schedule today, and I grabbed it as soon as it was posted to (Nice job, website guys!) I, like many Bills fans, was quite eager to see when we were playing and where, and which games were on national television, etc.

What I saw was intriguing. It was very nice to see that indeed we will be playing on Monday night this season. An event from which the Bills have been omitted for six seasons. The game against Dallas is a home game, which is even more rare. We have not been on MNF at home since 1994!

A few things stand out. Our first three games are against recent Super Bowl champs. (Recent being used quite elastically there…) We open against Denver, then we have back to back road games against Pittsburgh and New England. Granted, these teams are not what they used to be (some might argue that NE, possibly Denver, are much improved through free agency). However, at first glance, the names strike at least a little fear in the hearts of Bills fans.

Following that apparently tough start, the Bills have a stretch of three straight home games. Those include the previously mentioned Monday Night affair, as well as the most anticipated home game of the 2007 season – the return of Willis McGahee to The Ralph. We also play the NY Jets in that stretch.

What I see at the start of the season is teams who have been tough in the past, who may or may not be that tough in 2007. Assuming LOTS of things (Bills finding another RB in the draft or trades, at least one more LB, maybe a WR, and the other teams playing at least similarly to how they did in 2006…) the Bills could pretty easily go 4-2 in the first six games. Going 2-1 to start, and then 2-1 in the three home game stretch.

Of course, all such predicting is somewhat ludicrous. We have no idea what this team, or any other team is going to look like in 2007. We’re just too far away from actual football!

It’s fun to predict, and I’d have to say at first glance, we start out 4-2, maybe lose to the Jets, and probably one or two more… maybe climb to 7-4 or even 8-4. But in the end, we have no way of knowing that. My gut feeling is that this year we will see another team around .500 (7-9 to maybe 10-6). But so much could change before we get there.

One interesting thing about this schedule was the positioning of two of the four NFC games at the very end of the schedule. Non-conference games are much less important in determining playoff teams. Division, then conference records matter much more. So, it just seemed odd that we would finish the season with games against the NY Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles. So, if the Bills are in the hunt, (you never know!) those games might not be that important?

Also, as we all know, in addition to facing Willis here in Buffalo, the Bills will also face former 2006 teammates in Washington on Dec 2nd, and then to end the season on Dec 30th.

And one final (good) thing about the schedule is that instead of 4 of our last 6 games being at The Ralph (where it was hard to sell out at such a time of year in 2006) this season the Bills will have 4 of their final 6 games on the road. We do get to play Miami at home in December, though. That’s always a good thing!

Overall, though the opponents seem daunting, I think it’s a fairly entertaining schedule. The Bills (assuming we fill in a bit more in the draft) will be competitive in every game on that list. Every one. We obviously won’t win every one, but there isn’t a team on there that they can’t hang with.

I can’t wait! Bring on Bills Football!!!!

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Buffalo Bills 2007 Schedule Announced

The Buffalo Bills have announced their 2007 regular season schedule today, which includes their first time back in the national spotlight in several years.

On Monday October 8th, the Bills will host the Dallas Cowboys under the lights at The Ralph. It’s a rare trip to Orchard Park for the Cowboys, and will be a hyped-up crowd on an autumn evening in Buffalo.

The schedule is among the hardest (based on opponents 2006 winning percentage) in the NFL. The Bills open the season against the Denver Broncos at home, and then hit the road for games against Pittsburgh and New England, two recent Super Bowl champs.

Following that road trip, the Bills return home for three games, with the bye week following the Monday night game against Dallas. The New York Jets will visit The Ralph on 9/30, then the Bills host the Cowboys, and after the bye week, the Bills will host the Baltimore Ravens, with their new running back Willis McGahee. That should be an interesting match.

The Bills only other nationally televised game (at least until the possible flex games from week 10 on) is on 10/28 against the New York Jets. It’s a 4:05 kickoff on that Sunday, meaning a greater portion of the country will see that game.

The Bengals come to town to start off November, breaking up a stretch of games against AFC East opponents. Starting with the Jets game the week prior, the Bills will face 3 AFC East teams in 4 weeks. They head to Miami on November 11th, then back home for game two against the Patriots to end the divisional series.

The Bills take to the road again with 4 of their last 6 games on the visitor’s turf. They will play back-to-back games against Jacksonville and Washington. The game in Washington will feature a few familiar faces on both teams as the Bills acquired former Redskins guard Derrick Dockery in free agency this season, and the Redskins signed former Bills LB London Fletcher.

Finishing out AFC East play for 2007, the Bills will face the Miami Dolphins at home on December 9th. Gotta love those December games in Buffalo against Miami! Hoping for snow…

In a strange bit of scheduling… the Bills will face 3 non-division (and two non-CONFERENCE) opponents for the last three weeks of the season. They travel to Cleveland on December 16th, and then come home to play the NY Giants on Dec 23rd, followed by a trip to Philadelphia to face Takeo Spikes and the Eagles to end the season.

All in all, should be a fantastic season, and the days can’t go by fast enough! BRING ON BUFFALO BILLS FOOTBALL!

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Show(s) Coming Soon!

Hey folks! It’s the off-season, and I hope you are enjoying watching our team take shape! So many changes over the past two years, and actually, I am a fan of most of them. We’ll see what the other guys (and you!) think on the next show, which we will record next week some time. We’ll discuss all the off-season moves and talk about the draft coming up, and what spots the Bills might be looking to fill. Also, the NFL schedule will be released today, so we’ll talk about the Bills 2007 schedule, and some of the highlights of that.

Following the draft we’ll do one more off-season show, wrapping up the draft and looking ahead to training camp! It’s not that far away!

For now, though, the NHL playoffs begin tomorrow night and our Buffalo Sabres have a great chance to bring home the Stanley Cup this year!!! The good thing is, the Sabes could be playing through June… that only leaves a month until BILLS TRAINING CAMP BEGINS! That’s not much down time at all!

Go Buffalo!