Absence Explained

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Hey Bills Fans!

Just wanted you to know the reason for the absence here at the Buffalo Bills Review. Greg here, your BBR webmaster. As we mentioned on the show this month, my wife and I are expecting our 4th baby any day now. (Maybe even today?) So, life has been hectic crazy here with me taking on lots more Mr. Mom duty around the house, and trying to cram in lots of work before I take time off for the new baby. I also am working on two books at the moment! It’s busy.

So, suffice it to say, there has not been time for a bills RunDown.

Please do visit the links posted down the column on the right. There’s plenty of great stuff to read about the Bills on those sites. We’ll be back up and running here soon, and will have a show out on the last Monday of this month, with our take on all the Free Agent moves (or NON moves!)

Also, please note that we had RSS Feed trouble (MY BAD!) recently. The first two shows of the year had December 2006 dates (instead of January.) So, if you keep all of our shows in your podcast list, you’ll have to delete those and download them again (with the correct date) or any new shows won’t automatically download. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hope you all are having a wonderful March so far, and I’ll be back here the other side of a baby!

Go Bills!!