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An Overview of The Draft

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My first reaction on Saturday was SHOCK. Seriously. I had said on our pre-draft show last week that the only thing I was certain of is that we wouldn’t have any idea who the #1 pick was, or why in the world the Bills chose him. So, what happened? The Bills picked the #2 RB in the draft… which is what people thought they might do! The “experts” are never right about the Bills!!!


The Bills Brain Trust wheeled and dealed (or is that dealt?) to get the second pick in the second round and we took “Poz” – ANOTHER player whom the Bills were “expected” to draft, and who has “name recognition”.

“Are these really my Bills??” I thought.

Indeed they are. Quite a draft for Tom, Dick & Marvy this weekend. We got the top two players we were targeting (Of course, Peterson and Willis would have been nice, too) and we got some quality, intelligent, hard-working, character guys. Just like we always do.

Character, you say? I thought Marshawn Lynch has some “character issues”? Well, apparently not. I know that’s the #1 thing for Marv at least, and I think Jauron as well. And if he says they looked into it and found nothing… then I think we can be sure that we don’t have another “Willis” on our hands.

Phew! 🙂

Now what about football? Can these guys play? Why in the world did we draft a QB??? And TWO RBs???

Let’s take a quick glance at the draftees. (click their photos for an awesome in-depth bio from!)

1 – RB Marshawn Lynch – California

Marshawn LynchThis guy sounds great. You could tell before the draft that the Big Guys were pretty high on Lynch. Comparing him to Marshall Faulk and LT? (Well, at least Faulk… I think Lynch might have mentioned LT…)

If Fairchild, who worked with Faulk in St. Louis, can get similar production out of Lynch, this will be a fantastic pick up for the Bills. He’s strong, quick, makes people miss, and he’s got great hands… Jauron spoke very highly of him.

No, I don’t think we’re going to miss Willis at all… 🙂

2 – LB Paul Posluszny – Penn State

Paul Posluszny“Poz”, as he is referred to (for good reason, since I still have to check the spelling of his name every time I type it here…) was a GREAT acquisition by the Bills in round 2. I’d imagine that he was in their sights at pick #12, but Lynch was rated higher, so they grabbed him. When Poz kept slipping further down, Levy said they were trying to trade up even earlier than the second pick in round two.

He’s a heady, gutsy, hard-working, intelligent kid… compares to Shane Conland of his Alma Mater… and just seems like a great fit in Buffalo, and in our current defense. Fast, good tackler, all around great. He’s a fantastic pick-up for the Bills.

Just based on picks one and two in the 2007 draft, the Bills had a successful draft! But, let’s go on…

3 – QB Trent Edwards – Stanford

Trent EdwardsThis pick surprised me in a couple ways. First, I had heard Edwards’ name as a “sleeper” pick for a team looking for a QB. He was rated pretty high as a “second tier” QB. But, then, I didn’t think the Bills were serious enough about getting a QB that they would spend a third round pick on him. What Jauron said was that he was so far above anyone else on the board at their pick they had to take him.

It’s a good pick. We do need a backup QB, and apparently, Edwards will compete with Nall for that position. If nothing else, we could have a really good backup that could benefit us in a trade (Matt Schaub?) later on. Good pick by the Bills!

4 – RB Dwayne Wright – Fresno State

Dwayne WrightI have to admit… after the first two picks, I was expecting the Bills draft to go a bit more along the “Yeah, I thought they might do that” route. But… this pick was another “Huh?” pick.

After landing Lynch, I figured the Bills would concentrate the rest of their picks on perhaps a CB or two. Maybe another LB for depth. But apparently, they felt they were better off getting some depth at RB in the draft. With pick #4, the Bills selected another West Coast player – RB Dwayne Wright. Both Wright and Lynch are excited to be together in the Buffalo Bills backfield, looking forward to being an effective 1-2 punch. Lynch likes what he has seen of Wright, and vice versa.

The Bills weren’t done bolstering their backfield, as we’ll see in round seven below…

6 – FS John Wendling – Wyoming

John WendlingBills’ Blogger, wyORbilZfan posted an article today about John Wendling – who comes from her own back yard – that tells a lot about this pick. He’s smart, the essential Levy-esque quality – and he’s hard working… very talented. The Bills spoke very highly of not only his character and work ethic, but his athletic ability too. Apparently, he’s quite a find at round six.

This was our only DB pick in the draft. That was a bit of a surprise to me, and he’s not a corner, either. Levy said that means that the guys we have are going to have to step up and fill in. We’ll see if Youboty and Greer and Co. are up to the challenge…

Read wyO’s article for lots more about Wendling. Great stuff!

7 – FB Derek Schouman – Boise State

Derek Schouman
What is the deal with all these west coast guys?? 🙂 And, this was the third back taken by the Bills in this draft. Not to mention, he’s a fullback, which the Bills seemed to say they had no use for in their offensive scheme. So what gives?

Apparently, this guy is very much in the mould of our current TEs, Cieslak and Neufeld. They can play multiple positions. They can catch passes from the TE spot, or line up and block in the backfield. They can even carry the ball if needed, but that will not be their main focus by any means.

This guy seems to fit the bill for a Buffalo Bill draft choice. Good athlete, hard worker, very intelligent… definitely paid off for us in the later rounds last year (Keith Ellison, Terrance Pennington, et al). I imagine we’ll see the same thing from our late-rounders this year too.

7 – DE C.J. Ah You – Oklahoma

C.J. Ah YouAh Who? This guy wins the “strange name” award hands down! Even with a guy who we have to call “Poz” in that list! Wow!

Turns out that Marv has some connections with CJ’s uncle (they worked together in the past, I believe Marv coached a team he was on in Canada. Marv said he was the Canadian Bruce Smith) and they happened to run into each other somewhere, and that may have helped this selection happen. Not saying this is a nepotism thing… just that Ah You might have been more on the radar with Marv knowing a bit aobut his genes. (He mentioned that in his press conference too.)

Ah You seems to be no different than all the Bills’ draft picks. Intelligent, hard-worker. There were some “character issues” … but Marv said (similarly to the Lynch situation) that when they looked into it, they found nothing.

There might be some question about his knees as he has had some injury trouble, but the Bills medical staff cleared him, and Marv seemed happy with that. A healthy Ah You adds depth to a pretty solid position for the Bills: DE.

Overall, I love this draft. I think that’s a good thing. 🙂 I mean last year I wasn’t really thrilled with the draft the day after, but the Bills staff were, and so I learned to love it. And then when they started playing, how can you argue with EVERY pick making the team and most everyone having some contribution, including several starters?

This year, I think the biggest thing is those top two picks. I’m sure we’ll find some gems from the lower round picks, but you gotta love the way we landed two starters from the top two picks. Both Lynch and Poz should have an impact on the 2007 Buffalo Bills for sure.

There will likely be some more players added to the fold, but the 2007 Bills are pretty much assembled… now it’s time for the off-season workouts and mini camps and all that… and we’re only a few months away from Training Camp here in my back yard… I’m getting pretty excited!

I love the young group that Tom, Dick and Marvy have assembled, and can’t wait to see them on the field! No coaching or front office changes, no scheme changes… they can just go out and do what they did last year… better.

Look out NFL… here come the BUFFALO BILLS!