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The astute among us may have noticed that there is a new link in the main navigation at the top of the page. The new link reads: BBR @ That may be perplexing, so I have resolved to clarify that here…

Basically, this page will remain as mostly an archive… or perhaps we’ll post a thing or two here relative to just the Buffalo Bills Review (and not the Bills in general). But, henceforth, any articles or written thoughts posted about the Bills will show up at the BBR @ link. (If you need a direct link, it’s

This is a great opportunity for lots more Bills fans to learn about BBR and to join in the conversation. will feature a link on their homepage to the Bills Blog Squad (which so far consists of BBR and 3 other bloggers). Greg will be the main one to post to the BBR @ page, but you may see the occasional article up there from the other BBR guys.

Stop by, bookmark the page, and feel free to comment. You need to sign up for a Bills Backers account (free, with some cool benefits) to post a comment or do some other things with it… but you can read the blog without signing up. (I recommend you sign up though…)

Thanks to the Bills for setting us up on their site. This is super fun for me – a long-time Bills fan, who is a writer. Hope you’ll join in the fun!

See ya there!